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Infrared Optics

The capability of Knight Optical extends far beyond supplying custom optics for use within the UV/visible ranges. We have decades of experience in providing IR optical solutions to a multitude of sectors from university physics student projects to world renowned aerospace corporations.

Whether the custom optical solution is a one-off niche design or destined for large-scale production, our quality is assured at all times through both extensive metrology testing and 100% QA inspection to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

Many of our custom IR materials are not restricted to use within this region, with many also able to transmit light within the visible and ultraviolet spectrum. For example, used as a diffraction crystal in X-ray devices, lithium fluoride transmits from 120nm up to up to 6µm wavelengths.

Additionally materials such as germanium, typically used in IR imaging systems, transmits below 50% 1.8-14 µm but can be custom produced with specialised antireflective coatings in order to boost transmission performance by over 100%.

Browse the categories below of available custom infrared optics. Alternatively contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality customised infrared optics, along with our high quality of service, can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

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