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Knight Optical is a leading provider of high-quality YAG optical components, including windows, lenses, rods, and YAG ground blanks.

Our YAG products, YAG being short for Yttrium Aluminium Garnet, are renowned for their durability and exceptional optical characteristics, making them an excellent alternative to sapphire due to their similar transmission range and refractive index but with easier polishing and no birefringence.

Our range of YAG optics is designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, offering both uncoated and coated options, including broadband antireflective (BBAR) coatings to enhance the performance of your YAG laser systems. Whether you are looking for standard YAG optical components or custom solutions tailored to your specific needs, Knight Optical is committed to delivering the highest quality and precision.

If you’re in the market for YAG, we offer competitive yttrium aluminium garnet price points and have an extensive range of YAG products available for sale. Contact our technical sales team to discover how our high-quality YAG optics can enhance your instrumentation and supply chain experience.

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    Optical Properties of YAG

    Every YAG component we supply is meticulously tested by our experienced technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab, ensuring that all components meet our strict quality standards. This commitment to quality ensures that our YAG optical components provide reliable and outstanding performance in a variety of applications.

    Below is a summary of YAG’s optical properties.

    Transmission Range0.21 to 5.5µm
    Refractive Index1.81523 @ 1.06µm
    Density4.56 g/cm3
    Melting Point1940°C
    HardnessKnoop 1215
    Diameter< 5mm to 100mm
    Form error (@633nm)< 0.25 waves
    Centration/parallelism< 1 arc minute
    Scratch/dig< 20/10
    Typical coatingsBBAR @ 3-5µm, DLC @ 3-5µm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    YAG, or Yttrium Aluminium Garnet, is primarily used in solid-state laser systems as a laser medium due to its excellent thermal and optical properties.

    YAG is favored for its high thermal conductivity, hardness, and optical clarity, making it ideal for high-power laser optics and other optical components.

    YAG is known for its stability, durability, and efficiency compared to other laser materials, which is why it’s widely used in medical and industrial lasers.

    The price of Yttrium Aluminium Garnet can vary widely based on purity, size, and processing, generally reflecting its high quality and demand in optical applications.

    Yttrium Aluminum Garnet can be purchased from specialized suppliers and manufacturers who provide optical-grade materials for laser and other high-tech applications.

    Apart from lasers, YAG optics are used in various applications including telecommunications, industrial machining, and medical devices, leveraging their strength and optical clarity.

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    Additional Information

    Crystalline growth

    Crystalline YAG is grown via the Czochralski technique.

    Optical homogeneity

    YAG crystal has good optical homogeneity across its transmission range and can be used in high temperature and high energy applications.

    YAG crystal

    YAG crystal is often used in place of sapphire, where durability is needed but sapphire’s birefringence is an issue. YAG shares similar mechanical and optical properties to sapphire, including its transmission range and a high refractive index, but it is not birefringent.

    Typical Applications

    Laser crystal

    When YAG is doped with metals such as neodymium (Nd), thulium (Tm), erbium (Er), and chromium (Cr) it can be used as an active laser crystal. Undoped YAG cannot.


    Nd:YAG is the most widely used active laser medium, with an operating wavelength of 1064nm. It is the medium in most solid state lasers that are used for scientific and medical applications, such as ophthalmology and laser spectroscopy.

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