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Mini Spectrometers

Knight Optical is excited to offer our range of affordable and durable mini spectrometers for laboratory and field applications.

All our mini spectrometers are supplied with intuitive SpectraWiz software for quick and easy measuring. SpectraWiz software is versatile, allowing for accurately measuring and displaying wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations and absolute intensities.

See our stock page for more details about individual models. Knight Optical supplies a range of variations for each type to cover a wide variety of applications. If your application is not covered by our stock models we are able to supply bespoke variations.

In addition to our mini spectrometer range, we also offer accessories including fibre optics, connectors, light sources including Raman lasers and integration spheres for use with our mini spectrometer range. Speak to our experienced technical sales team today to find out more.

Each spectrometer system type is designed to cover a range of wavelengths and resolutions. Click on the links below for more information on individual models and applications.

Blueshift Cost effective UV/UVN spectrometers 220-1100nm
Shooting Star Research grade concave grating spectrometers 190-1100nm
Supernova High efficiency UVN spectrometer 190-1100nm
Redshift NIR PDA/InGaAs spectrometers 900-2300nm
Nebula Cost effective VIS/NIR spectrometer 350-1150nm
Raman Galaxy Raman spectrometer for sample testing 200-3200cm-1
Knight Mini HR Ultra high resolution spectrometers 200-1075nm
Knight Multisystem Dual systems for extended operating range. 200-1700nm


Our 2022/2023 Catalogue

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