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Parabolic & ellipsoidal reflectors

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Knight Optical is able to supply custom parabolic and ellipsoidal reflectors for use from, for example, the UV(200 to 400nm) to the IR (0.7 to 1.1µm) wavebands. The parabolic and ellipsoidal reflectors that are custom made, include the following range:

Parabolic reflectors, precision grade:  These precision grade parabolic reflectors are used for collimating light sources when the light source is placed at the focal point of the reflector. The use of a parabolic for focusing, or collimating, is the removal of spherical aberration that occurs with a spherical reflector surface. The reflectors have very low f-number to collimate as much as possible in the smallest of instruments. The reflector is coated with, for example, protected aluminium that reflects the UV, visible, and NIR. A coating is available that will reflect the UV and visible and transmit the IR, thus keeping the IR rays from heating the target, such as a film slide. This is termed a cold reflector.

Parabolic reflectors, large type: These parabolic reflectors have  large diameter, up to 610mm (24”) with a centre hole through which a detector can be adjusted to locate at the reflectors focal point. These reflectors are intended to be used as light collectors, but equally be used as a collimator for small sources at the focal plane, such as an LED, or tungsten bulb. The coating is usually protected aluminium give the large size of the reflectors.

Ellipsoidal reflectors, precision grade and cold type:  The precision ellipsoidal reflector has a hole through which a light source can be located at the focal point. The light will be focussed at the second focal point of the ellipsoidal reflector where a target could be located to determine its characteristics. The surface can be coated with similar ones discussed in the parabolic section, namely one for UV, visible, and NIR and the other transmitting the NIR. Thereby making the ellipsoidal reflector a cold system.

Knight Optical supply high quality parabolic and ellipsoidal reflectors made to our, and your, exacting specification. Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality custom parabolic, ellipsoidal reflectors, and service can improve your instrumentation and supply chain experience.


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