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Custom apertures from Knight OpticalKnight Optical offer a range of custom apertures, supplied in a range of forms and grades offering precise control of beam, shape and size with well-defined sharp edges.

Both our standard grade laser
drilled and electroformed precision custom apertures are supplied in a range of pinhole diameters and slit widths and lengths, making them ideally suited to a range of laser applications where beam shaping is required or saturation of a detector needs to be limited.

Apertures are also used to determine a system’s field of view and to limit the effect of aberrations.

Whilst our standard range of apertures are widely used in general applications helping to limit saturation of detectors and the effects of aberrations, our high precision and high powered apertures offer increased performance and radiation dissipation for laser applications.

Custompinholesand slit apertures are available as unmounted foils or ridged mounts for seamless integration into your application. We are also able to supply in a range of alternative materials such as customised ceramic apertures with customised mounting options.

Our range of custom Iris diaphragms offers circular aperture variation for the direct control of throughput in systems. Our custom Iris diaphragms are high quality blackened brass bodies with blackened steel leaves or uncoated stainless steel for higher operating temperatures, with our fully closing iris diaphragms dual-leaf closing offering complete blocking and available in a choice of aperture sizes. Our ranges of Iris diaphragms
have smooth operation from minimum to maximum aperture size. We also stock a range of Iris diaphragms not listed for ecommerce web sales, please see the tab below on other available stock. If your size is not listed we can supply customised Iris diaphragms to any size to meet your specific requirements.

Knight Optical supply high quality custom apertures made to your exact custom specification. Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of art metrology lab using our Starrett AV300 non contact dimensional imaging devise to ensure all components meet our High Quality standards.

Contact our multilingual technical sales team and discover how Knight Optical’s high quality custom apertures can improve your product and supply chain experience.

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