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UV Prisms

Knight Optical supply a range of custom UV grade prisms for a host of UV applications.

Custom UV grade light pipe homogenising rods: Our custom ranges of homogenising light pipe rods are available as hexagonal and tapered types manufactured from UV grade fused silica that works efficiently down to 175nm ideal for UV LED illumination. These custom UV grade light pipe homogenising rods are available in a range of UV materials and to reasonable lengths up to 200mm.

Custom UV grade dispersing prisms: A dispersive prism is a form of optical component that refracts and deviates the wavelengths of the incoming beam. This has the outcome that the spectrum from the incoming beam can be analysed and recorded. Knight Optical provide a range of dispersion prisms for UV applications.
Custom UV grade equilateral prisms: We can provide custom UV grade equilateral dispersion prisms in UV grade fused silica for use in the ultra-violet wavelength from 175nm. Size and accuracy are limitless; we have provided custom equilateral prisms with 250mm square faces previously.

Custom UV grade Pellin-Broca prisms: Pellin-Broca prisms are constant deviation prisms and have a very interesting property that the light at the required wavelength is deviated by 90° with the wavelength being selected by the angle of rotation of the prism. Our range of custom Pellin-Broca prisms are manufactured using UV grade fused silica for use in the ultra-violet wavelength from 175nm. We can manufacture these to a range of custom sizes to meet your specific requirement.

Custom UV grade inverting amici roof prisms: Knight Optical supply a range of custom UV grade amici-roof prisms that cover the UV spectrum. The Amici prism, or Roof prism, is used to revert and invert the incoming image, and also bends the viewing axis through 90°. Please enquire for bespoke custom sizes for your amici roof prism application.

Custom UV grade right angle prisms: Right angle prisms are simply triangular blocks of glass with two 45° and one 90° angles and are generally used to bend light, reflect light and for image displacement. Knight Optical supply a range of custom precision grade UV fused silica right-angle prisms made to your specification. Our range of custom UV grade fused silica right angle prisms can be supplied to virtually any reasonable size and accuracy.

Custom UV grade wedge prisms: Wedge prisms are generally quite thin and the input and output faces are nearly parallel. A beam of light passing through a wedge prism is deviated by an angle determined, to first order, by the wedge angle and the refractive index. Our custom range of wedge prisms are available in UV grade fused silica wedge prisms that work efficiently at 175nm and transmit 85% @ 185nm. Custom angles and diameters can be made to your bespoke specification, please enquire.

Custom UV grade corner cube prisms: Corner cube prisms reflect the light back, nominally at exactly the same angle at which they entered. We can supply custom high-precision retro-reflectors to any diameter and degree of accuracy. These custom retro reflectors or normally manufactured from UV grade fused silica however alternative materials can be used on request. Custom mounted corner cube options are also available for seamless integration into your application with custom bodies and L-brackets to meet your requirements.

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