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Mechanical Measurement

Knight Optical use a range of mechanical measuring tools such as micrometers and Vernier callipers to carry out dimensional testing of our products. We can typically test dimensions between 0-300mm to an accuracy of +/-3μm. Special care is always taken with all materials to ensure that the instruments do not scratch or chip the surface and our micrometers are regularly calibrated to conform to regulations.

We also own a Starrett AV300 video imaging microscope for non-contact testing of small dimensions. This allows us to accurately measure dimensions smaller then 10μm at a resolution down to +/-0.1μm, as well as hole diameters, angles and distances between features. The Starrett uses a system of contrast to define edges and is equipped with sophisticated lighting controls to provide robust measurements for the most challenging surfaces. The moveable testing bed can hold larger parts up to 300mm in length with accuracy across the travel stage within 5μm depending on the level of zoom.

The Starrett is programmable for runs of multiple parts. We can quickly measure large volumes of small parts saving significant time and therefore cost to our customers.

We always test every given dimension to your product’s specification and provide the results in a detailed metrology report showing minimum and maximum tolerances alongside the real value. Our metrology reports can be adapted to suit your needs. Talk to our technical sales team to discuss how we can help you.