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Knight Optical is a leading and established supplier of precision underwater imaging optics to manufacturers of subsea equipment, including unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) such as remote operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) where underwater cameras are utilised.

Typical underwater optical components Knight Optical can provide includes:

  • Optical domes manufactured from materials such as BK7, sapphire, and acrylic, which are ideal as viewports with a shape that naturally withstands a large amount of pressure.
  • Windows used as viewports, in substrates such as BK7, Sapphire, and Gorilla Glass.
  • Infrared optical components for SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR thermal imaging systems.

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Knight Optical prides itself in its extensive custom capabilities. We work alongside our customers to provide an optimum optical solution, whether that is a component from our product catalogue or a part manufactured to our customers own specifications to fit their application. Browse our custom page to find out more about the different optical components we can help with.

All underwater optical components go through our metrology and QA departments prior to shipment to ensure they meet their requirements, so our customers can be confident in the products they receive. Test reports can be sent upon request, including FAI reports.

Find out more information on our metrology testing and equipment, as well as our quality assurance department.

Browse our commonly ordered precision underwater optics below, either available from our stock catalogue or custom-made to your specification:

Our 2022/2023 Catalogue

Inside Knight Optical’s catalogue you’ll find details of the industries we serve as well as the many other services we can offer. It also showcases hundreds of our most popular products, supported by useful technical information, to help you choose the right part for your application.
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