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Leading manufacturers of optical technology in the worldwide entertainment and leisure industry have long relied upon Knight Optical to deliver components of the most sophisticated design and highest calibre. 

Established 30 years, Knight Optical is a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of precision optical components used in an array of entertainment and leisure technologies. From state-of-the art cameras designed for wildlife and adventure capture through to night vision and thermal imaging equipment; augmented and virtual reality wearable devices; high-specification binoculars and zoom and wide-angle lens photography right through to entertainment lighting and projection systems, there is no corner of this industry that we have not been on board with from its earliest days.

Whether you are bringing a new product to market, or working to enhance existing lines to incorporate the latest technological innovations and amplify competitive edge and market share, you can rely on Knight Optical to provide the expertise and personalised support you need every step of the way.

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Your Challenges: Our Specialist Solutions

By remaining on top of all the latest optics technology trends, Knight Optical is primed to help you stay ahead of the game, so that our innovations become your innovations.

Whatever challenges your products present, whether they are quality related, dimensional, environmental or usage-related, the technical specialists at Knight Optical will work closely with you to develop customised solutions that will enable you to compete strongly in an ever-demanding marketplace.

Whilst challenges vary from one product to another, the common need is for colour purity and uniformity in any application. At Knight Optical we have the knowledge to ensure these needs are always adhered to, whilst also meeting the challenges that are specific to the product.

Lighting and projector systems

True to life colour is essential, especially for stage and retail display lighting, as are optical components that can withstand the harsh challenges of the heat produced by these systems. Our dichroic filters deliver on both counts, making colours appear more natural whilst reflecting heat away. The same filters are widely used in cinematography to enhance illumination through colour correction.

Wearable devices

Size counts for everything with wearable augmented and virtual reality devices where there is a growing demand for smaller, lighter headsets that offer greater comfort to the wearer. Our fully customisable, ultra-thin, super-light optics, suitable for all types of AR and VR device, deliver quality imaging free from ghosting, whilst preventing stray light for reduced eye fatigue.

Wildlife and adventure cameras

Any camera that is used on-the-go has to be small and light for the ultimate in portability. It must however still deliver the best possible image resolution and field of view. Optics must be designed to stand up to harsh outdoor conditions, yet small enough to fit the device. We offer a range of substrates including ultra-durable calcium fluoride, perfect for thermal imaging applications.

Night vision cameras

Our comprehensive range of optical components is suitable for all types of night vision camera, including starlight technology, digital night vision and thermal imaging. Low weight, superior quality components crafted from robust substrates such as germanium and sapphire that can stand up to extremes of temperature and other environmental challenges are all available both from stock and for customisation.

Binoculars and cameras

Where image quality stands for everything, lens quality means everything. The brightest, sharpest images are dependent on the ability of the equipment’s optical components to focus light efficiently. Distortion and aberration that cause loss of image quality are resolved with the use of dense glasses and antireflective coatings using tried and tested materials and sophisticated designs.

Assured Quality through Precision Testing

Knight Optical has for several decades been trusted by the world’s leading entertainment and leisure brands to provide optical components of exceptional quality.

Whether from stock or custom designed, our entire range of optical components is guaranteed to fully comply with your exacting specification, and with governing quality standards. This guarantee is made courtesy of our state-of-the-art metrology laboratory, equipped with cutting-edge testing instrumentation capable of analysing any material or component, no matter how complex. Together with our team of leading metrology experts and our accreditation to ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015 UKAS, this should provide you with the reassurance you need.

A Personalised Service from a Globally Renowned Optical Supplier

At Knight Optical our entire team is fully dedicated to ensuring that all your needs and objectives are met. Our customers value our dedication to forging long term relationships and to guaranteeing the utmost in exceptional customer service at all times.

You are welcome to contact our multilingual sales team and technical experts, on hand to provide in-depth optical design advice across all types of entertainment and leisure technologies. Please contact our technical sales team to discuss your project and obtain a quotation.


Tech Specs

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Product application notes

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Dichroic filters for entertainment and design lighting
Dichroic filters for wavelength correction in entertainment systems
Dichroic filters for entertainment and stage lighting
Ground glass diffusers

Whatever your project we will be happy to be involved; call our technical advisors for advice or submit your drawings here for a full quote within 48 hours.



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