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Laser Technology

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Knight Optical is a trusted name worldwide for the supply of precision optical components and laser optics used in laser technology. In recent years the evolution of laser technology has led to a marked change in the way a range of processes is performed across multiple sectors. Knight Optical has responded with considerable dedication and investment into developing exceptional laser optic solutions, including laser mirrors, that can be fully relied upon to deliver across a host of laser applications.

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Within a laser system, precision specifications are critical as poor surface quality or material defects can reduce the laser damage threshold or increase the scattering of the laser and ultimately decrease the output power. Knight Optical can meet the requirements of these precision specifications to ensure your laser optical components are up to the demanding systems they are used in.

Our laser optics and components can be used in many applications including:

Knight Optical have an inventory of laser optical components, primarily ultrafast laser mirrors exhibiting a low group delay dispersion (GDD) and high laser damage threshold (LDT). We also excel at providing custom laser components manufactured to our customer’s specifications, this includes lenses, beamsplitters, wavelength separators, and filters.

Browse our commonly ordered precision optics below, either available from our stock catalogue or custom-made to your specification: