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Laser technology

Optical components for laser technology

Lasers are being used with increasing frequency in scientific, industrial, medical and defence applications.

Everything from space missions through to surgical procedures,  holographic weapon sights and industrial machinery all require laser optics.  

We are able to advise and supply all custom components for your specific requirements and also hold stock components in several sizes.

Our range of laser optics includes:

  • Planoconvex lenses
  • Meniscus lenses
  • Zinc-selenide components
  • Lithium Fluoride windows
  • Cylindrical lenses
  • Glan-Taylor polarisers
  • Corner-cube prisms
  • Polarising cube beamsplitters.

This is a select list of our laser components and of course we provide custom optics across all of our ranges.  A variety of coating options are available to your specification.

Call our knowledgeable Technical Sales Team to discuss your project and receive your custom quote in 48 hours, or buy stock options today.


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We are able to ship to most countries at good rates, please click here for more info.

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