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Planoconvex lenses have one plane and one convex surface and have a positive focal length. Planoconvex lenses are typically used for focusing or collecting light in optical systems.

Knight Optical stock a range of plano-convex lenses (PCX lens) available from 2.5mm dia up to 100mm dia in a full range of focal lengths and materials to meet most applications.  Stock planoconvex are offered as uncoated and antireflective coated ranges for increased performance from UV to NIR wavelengths. In addition to our standard stock coating, we also offer custom broadband antireflective coatings for 630-1100nm and 1050-1700nm.

Planoconvex lenses form a moderate quality image close to the axis. They are generally used as elements within a more complex lens system or optical instrument in imaging systems, lasers and detectors.


Planoconvex Lenses

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