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Lens Testing

Knight Optical have invested in a top of the range Optispheric 2000 AF automatically focusing universal testing station to test all aspects of our lens’ optical specifications. This includes accurate measurements of focal length, radius of curvature and back focal length.

Knight Optical also owns a motorized centration attachment for our Optispheric allowing us to measure centering error in lenses down to an accuracy of <3arcseconds. Parts are held in place by a vacuum and rotated by the motor. The circle drawn out by the optical axis around the mechanical axis of the lens shows the extent of centering error of a lens. A typical lens will be tested for radius of curvature, focal length, centration and surface figure, ensuring we can guarantee the optical performance of your product. All results are provided in a thorough metrology report showing maximum and minimum tolerances alongside the real value. All our metrology reports can be adapted to suit your needs. Contact our technical sales team to find out how we can help you.