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Visual Inspection

Once optical parts have been tested in our metrology laboratory they are taken to our inspection room to be visually measured against our MIL-RF-13830 and MIL-M-13508 compliant scratch/dig masters. Broad surface quality requirements are checked against a black background using a 60W lamp. Tighter specifications will always be tested under an illuminated microscope or our Starrett video imaging system with high magnification, allowing us to detect blemishes as small as 0.001mm. In addition to scratch/dig requirements, parts are additionally checked for sleeks and other material imperfections that might compromise the quality of the optic.

All of our parts are 100% visually checked by our experienced optical inspection team to ensure they are free from surface imperfections that could affect the operating effectiveness. Our staff undergo regular training to comply to our strict ISO standards. We work closely with our customers to establish procedures to best work with their supply chain.

Click on the link below for more information on our scratch and dig standards.

Scratch and Dig Specifications