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Packaging and shipping

Optical compoPackaging and Shippingnents are fragile and poor packaging can lead to damage during the delivery process. At Knight Optical we go to great lengths to ensure optics reach you in the best possible condition. Our QA staff follow stringent procedures when packing our products. All packing is monitored with full traceability to ensure any issues are quickly addressed.



Packing Optics

...non-filter products are carefully wrapped in high quality tissue paper and placed in non-abrasive glycerine bags to ensure no dust or debris settles on the optic.  Filters and similar products are vacuum-packed to eliminate the possibility of atmospheric moisture degrading the surface. All our parts are packed with absolute protection in mind. Components such as prisms that have sharp edges are further wrapped in soft foam to prevent chipping during transit.

All our products are packaged immediately after cleaning to ensure no further contamination takes place

Shipping and Delivery

...all our parts are then taken to our dedicated packing room where they are wrapped in foam and placed in a suitably sized box, carefully padded to minimise any movement during transit. 

Knight Optical are proud to have an excellent working relationship with major logistic companies to ensure you get the best possible price and delivery time for your optics. We understand that our customers have their own schedules and delays are unacceptable. To this end we work hard to ensure your optics arrive on time and in one piece.

We are also happy to provide components on a call off basis to allow you to receive a regular delivery of components to aid your manufacturing process.

For further information on our shipping procedures and prices contact our technical sales team.

Get in touch

Our Multi-Lingual Sales Team are here to help with your requirments:

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International Shipping

We are able to ship to most countries at good rates, please click here for more info.

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