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Knight Optical is very proud to be certified for ISO14001 for Environmental Management and ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems. These certifications demonstrate our commitment to maintaining competence and reliability in the supply, metrology testing and inspection of our products. Click the above logos to view our certification.

ISO14001: Environmental Management

…we strongly believe that all businesses should be mindful of their environmental impact and seek to manage this effectively in their day to day activities. Green energy, recycling, carbon footprints and other environmental issues are very real concerns and we feel it is important to demonstrate to our customers our commitment to minimising our environmental impact.

Knight Optical has adopted and been certified for ISO 14001: Environmental Management System to comply with our environmental obligations.  Our EMS framework allows us to have a systematic approach to the way we handle the challenges brought on by our commitment to environmental standards.

ISO14001 allows us to make cost savings in waste, recycling and consumption allowing us to pass on these savings to our customers and, more importantly, the EMS demonstrates that Knight Optical is a future focussed organisation committed to improving the environment around us.

ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems

…quality should be consistent and customers should expect the same high quality service and products every time they order from us. In being certified for ISO9001, we are able to constantly monitor the way we work and ensure a consistently high level of service.  We have well defined and documented procedures to ensure consistency and allow for corrective measures to be quickly applied should faults be found.

Our ISO9001 procedures give our management a clear and concise picture of how the company is performing. This mechanism of reviewing goals and performance aids us in our efforts to push forwards and improve as our company grows.

Our customers can be assured that thanks to our internal monitoring and external assessments they are receiving a superior quality product and service.

In addition to our certification, our team of metrology technicians are trained in interpreting ISO10110 technical drawings for optical parts ensuring your specification will be followed exactly during testing. We also test to BS4301-1991, MIL-C-14806A and MIL-G-174B standards.

At Knight Optical our regular internal audits and certification reinforce our commitment to providing the highest standard of quality and customer care. This means when you order from Knight Optical, you will receive industry leading service and products. If you have any queries about our certification and what it means for you contact our QA manager, who will be happy to help.