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Knight Optical’s Knight Multisystem range of dual spectrometer systems combine two instruments to create an extended operating range that would be unachievable with a single spectrometer. By combining a 2048 CCD detector array and an InGaAs NIR PDA array, our Knight Multisystem is able to work from the UV to the NIR – depending on the specifications required our models range from 200-1700 or 280-1700. Our Multisystem makes the most of both systems to measure quickly and accurately over a wide spectrum.

All our mini spectrometers are extremely durable, designed for use in the field as well as the lab. The detector is bolted to the case and the optic is held with military grade epoxy to significantly increase vibration tolerance and consistency of results. 

All our mini spectrometers are supplied with intuitive Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 compatible SpectraWiz software for quick and easy measuring wherever you are. SpectraWiz software is versatile, allowing for accurately measuring and displaying wavelength emissions, reflectance, transmission, absorption, concentrations and absolute intensities. The instrument uses a standard SMA-905 connector for single strand fiber optics, and a miniature USB hub provides PC and laptop connectivity.

Knight Optical supplies four standard Multisystem models to cover most applications. This allows us to provide a quick and affordable solution to your spectrometry requirements. If these do not suit your needs we are able to offer any UV-VIS and NIR spectrometers from our standard ranges paired together as dual systems for increased operating ranges. Check out our UV-VIS CC and InGaAs PDA mini spectrometer for more options or speak to our experienced sales team to discover how Knight Optical’s Multisystem range can improve your spectrometry and supply chain experience.

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Name Model Spectrometer Range (nm) Number of Elements Detector Type Price Buy
OSP0803 DSR/UVN I 200-1700 2048/512 CCD/PDA
OSP0804 DSR/UVN II 200-1700 2048/1024 CCD/PDA
OSP0802 DSR/SS 280-1700 2048/512 CCD/PDA
OSP0801 DSR/BS 350-1700 2048/512 CCD/PDA

4 Items


Knight Multisystem Spectrometer

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