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Knight Optical's Shooting Star C mini spectrometer is a research grade system with a concave grating offering high performance for spectral applications in the UV/VIS between 190-850nm. The 40mm concave grating is corrected for aberrations, significantly removing coma and astigmatism found in other plane grating spectrometer designs. The grating forms a flat field on the CCD detector for uniform resolutions across the entire range. They key advantage of the Shooting Star system however is its ability to dramatically reduce stray light levels, showing only 0.02% at 425nm and 0.20% at 200nm. Our concave grating spectrometers provide two to three times enhanced UV sensitivity compared to plane grating systems.

Designed to be fully “Plug and Play”, the Shooting Star mini spectrometer is ready to use straight out the box. Install the supplied SpectraWiz software, plug the system in and start taking measurements without any fuss. The Shooting Star C mini spectrometer has no moving parts and is enclosed in a rugged case for exceptional durability making it both portable and reliable out in the field.

The Shooting Star C mini spectrometer is suitable for a range of UV/VIS applications including, but not limited to spectroradiometry, optical power measurements, laser characterization and thin film measurements. Chemical applications include chemical ID and moisture analysis. Dual and multi-beam applications can be achieved by configuring two or more mini spectrometers together using the USB-2 connections supplied.

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Shooting Star C
2000:1 with 6 decades
< 1 nm Resolving Res. with  25um slit
2048 pixel CCD, PDA Optional
14um x 200um
Aberration corrected
Holographic, 590 g/mm
f/2, Flat field - No mirrors
Integrated multi-band
1000:1 CCD
100 mA @ 5 VDC
3x / 40x faster than USB-1
1ms to 65s
14, 25, 50, 100, 200um
0.02% at 435 nm; 0.2% at 200nm
SMA905 0.22na single fiber
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
SpectraWiz program & apps
LabView, Excel + VBA, Delphi


Shooting Star Mini Spectrometer

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