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Knight Optical is pleased to offer our range of Raman mini spectrometers for quick identification of a variety of liquid, solid or powder samples. Our Raman spectrometers feature enhanced CCD detectors for 785nm Raman and TEC cooled InGaAs PDAs for 1064nm Raman. Our 1064nm detectors are designed to minimized fluorescence. Our Raman systems contain enhanced optics for extreme sensitivity and very low stray light values down to 0.05%. Our high resolution models achieve 4cm-1 resolution using a 2048 pixel CCD detector.

Like all our mini spectrometers, our Raman systems are designed with durability in mind. Enclosed in a rugged metal housing and with bolt fixed optics and no moving parts, the Raman Galaxy is suitable for demanding field applications as well as traditional laboratory applications.

The Raman Galaxy mini spectrometer is suitable for a range of Raman applications including chemical match testing and identification in liquids, solids and power samples and features a standard SMA 905 adaptor for compatibility with most probes.

Optical resolution:
Signal to noise:

Detector type:
Diffraction grating:
Spectral range @ 785nm:
Stray light:
Exposure times:
Power consumption:
Fiber optic input:
Operating systems:
Software included:

4cm-1 or 8cm-1
Enhanced CCD with 2048 pixels or 512/1024 PDA
1200g/mm with gold surface
220-2200cm-1 / 200-3200cm-1
20sec or 60sec with TEC
25.4 x 76.2 x 127.0mm
< 100 mA via USB port
USB or USB Hub
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
SpectraWiz program & apps

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Name Model Spectrometer Range (nm) Number of Elements Detector Type Price Buy
OSP0601 SR 785 2048 CCD
OSP0602 HR 785 2048 CCD
OSP0603 HR-TEC 785 2048 CCD
OSP0604 SR-TEC-IG 1064 512 PDA
OSP0605 HR-TEC-IG 1064 1024 PDA

5 Items


Raman Galaxy Mini Spectrometer

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