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The Knight Optical Supernova spectrometer is a research grade, multi-purpose system for a broad range of spectral applications. The Supernova is designed for maximum operating efficiency over a wide UVN range of 190-1110nm. Our system is equipped with a high performance UV enhanced CCD detector with integrated TEC to maximum signal to noise at long exposures during low light applications such as reflectance or fluorescence. With a 25um slit, the Supernova delivers an excellent 1nm resolution.

Designed to be fully “Plug and Play”, the Supernova mini spectrometer is ready to use straight out the box. Install the supplied SpectraWiz software, plug the system in and start taking measurements without any fuss. The system can be attached directly to your PC or laptops USB port.

The Supernova mini spectrometer has no moving parts and is enclosed in a rugged case for exceptional durability making it both portable and reliable out in the field. Our systems are exceptionally tolerant of vibrations giving you confidence in your readings regardless of the working environment.

The Supernova mini spectrometer is suitable for a range of UVN applications including spectroradiometry, optical power measurements, laser characterization, thin film measurements, reflectivity and absorption. Chemical applications include chemical ID and moisture analysis. Dual and multi-beam applications can be achieved by configuring two or more mini spectrometers together using the USB-2 connections supplied.

Dynamic range:
Wavelength range:
Slit-200nm resolution:
Slit-100nm resolution:
Slit-50nm resolution:
Slit-25nm resolution:
Slit-14nm resolution:
Detector type:
Detector range:
Pixel size:

Grating type:

Order sorting filters:
Signal to noise:
TEC Power:
Interface power:
Data transfer speed:

Detector integration:
Stray light:
Fiber optic input:
Operating systems:
Software included:
Also free programs for:

2000:1 with 6 decades
2048 pixel CCD/ TE cooled
14 x 200um
Dual Blaze @250 +1000nm
Holographic 600 line
f/4, HR-Czerny-Turner
Integrated & High Pass
1000:1 CCD
6 x 17 x 20.75cm
5 [email protected] adapter included
USB-2 = [email protected]
1ms to 65s
<0.1% at 435 nm; <0.15% at 200nm
SMA905 0.22na single fiber
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
SpectraWiz program & apps
LabView, Excel + VBA, Delphi

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Name Model Spectrometer Range (nm) Number of Elements Detector Type Estimated Resolving Resolution (nm) Grating (g/mm) Slit - 200nm resolution Slit - 100nm resolution Slit - 50nm resolution Slit - 25nm resolution Slit - 14nm resolution Price Buy
OSP0301 Supernova 190-1110 2048 CCD 1.0 600 8.00 4.00 2.00 1.00 0.75

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Supernova Mini Spectrometer