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Knight Optical’s range of High Resolution mini spectrometers are designed for applications where even the high accuracy of our other ranges is not enough. Bought as an upgrade for our Blueshift UV/VIS/NIR range, the Knight Mini HR spectrometers double the resolution of the chosen model to achieving resolutions of better than 0.1nm depending on the selected model range and slit size, but also reducing the operating wavelength by the same factor.

The result is that the Knight Mini HR system can very accurately measure tunable laser and LED characterization and laser induced breakdown spectroscopy as well as other complex applications.

All our mini spectrometers are built with durability in mind. Our systems contain no moving parts and are encased in a rugged metal enclosure to provide maximum protection for field based studies as well as laboratory based measuring.

Designed to be fully “Plug and Play”, the Knight Mini HR spectrometer is ready to use straight out the box. Install the supplied SpectraWiz software, plug the system in and start taking measurements without any fuss.

The configurations below show our standard range of Knight Mini HR upgrades for use in the UVN spectrum. These are suitable to a wide range of applications and can be purchased through our website or by calling our experienced sales team. If these configurations do not fit your requirements we are able to upgrade any of our Blueshift range to have HR capabilities. Please contact us with your specifications and find out how our range of HR upgrades can work for you.

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UV 1
2000:1 with 8 decades
0.1 with 7μm slit
CCD, 2k/3k pixels
f/4,  SymX-Czerny–Turner
Integrated and High Pass
1000:1, 4000:1 with TEC
< 100 mA via USB port
USB or USB Hub
1ms to 65s
25, 50,100, or 200μm
<0.1% at 435nm;<0.05% at 600nm
SMA905 0.22na single fiber
Windows XP/Vista/7/8
SpectraWiz program & apps
LabView, Excel + VBA, Delphi

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Name Model Spectrometer Range (nm) Number of Elements Detector Type Grating Range (nm) Grating (g/mm) Dispersion (nm/pixel) Slit - 25nm resolution Slit - 14nm resolution Slit - 7nm resolution Price Buy
OSP0702 UV II 200-300 2048 CCD 100 2400 0.048 0.32 0.14 0.07
OSP0701 UV I 200-340 2048 CCD 140 1800 0.068 0.3 0.2 0.1
OSP0705 NIR III 500-580 2048 CCD 80 2400 0.039 0.12 0.08 0.04
OSP0704 NIR II 750-850 2048 CCD 100 1800 0.049 0.15 0.10 0.05
OSP0703 NIR I 900-1075 2048 CCD 175 1200 0.085 0.26 0.17 0.09

5 Items


Knight Mini Spectrometer

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