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Laser Damage Threshold

The demand in high powered lasers optics and optical coatings require a high specification coating to ensure the component is not damaged by the power of the laser. Antireflection (AR) coatings for lasers present various challenges in that the energy of the laser has to be channelled through the layers of the antireflection coating creating very low reflectivity and very high laser damage resistance in high power pulsed lasers.

High damage thresholds require careful control including substrate polishing and preparation, process control and coating design throughout the manufacturing process.  The ability to produce a wide range of coatings with superior and consistent laser damage resistance properties for wavelengths from 266 nm to 10.6 µm, for lasers operating from CW through the ultrafast regime.

They are extremely important for many of today’s laser applications, including laser cutting and machining, micromachining, laser drilling, and laser welding.

We can coat a variety of optical components including:

Micro lenses
Fiber lenses
Beam shaping optics
Ball lenses
Hemispherical lenses
LED lenses

LDT’s are designed to be used with lasers and high energy systems, the coatings are ideal for diode, diode-pumped solid-state and gas lasers.

Industries used:  Research and Development applications as well as commercial and military environments.

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