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Metrology Laboratory Hire

Knight Optical offers comprehensive testing of optical components in our state-of-the-art metrology facility. This is not just exclusively used for optical components supplied by Knight Optical, it is also a sought-after testing facility for customers who do not have the equipment themselves, due to the cost, space and time restrictions.

Utilising our laboratory, the instruments and technical expertise of the metrology technicians, Knight Optical can provide the testing capabilities you need to determine the properties of your optics. We will work alongside you to create a testing method unique to your components, provide test data and reports that fit around your application.

Optical properties using our Varian Cary Spectrophotometers:

  • Transmission between 0.175 – 44 micrometres
  • Reflection between 250-2600nm
  • Transmission at varying polarisation and angles of incidence between 250-2600n.

Components: filters, beamsplitters, optical coatings, ND filters

Dimensional testing using our Starrett AV300, PrismMaster and various handheld gauges:

  • Basic dimensions such as diameters and thickness
  • Advanced dimensions such as theoretical distances, concentricity, minor/major axes
  • Minute dimensions such as those seen on reticules and linear scales
  • Angular dimensions (prism angles, parallelism and wedge)
  • Mechanical dimensions on assemblies

Components: reticules, prisms, mechanical assemblies

Optical dimensions and properties using our OptiSpheric and Zygo Verifire XPZ Interferometer:

  • Focal Length, Back Focal Length and Modulation Transfer Function
  • Radius of curvature
  • Surface irregularity and flatness (PV/RMS
  • Centring error

Components: spherical/cylindrical lenses

If you require more information specific to your requirements or would like to hire our metrology laboratory for your testing and you require a quote then call +441622 859 444 (UK, Europe & ROW) +1 401-583-7846 (USA & Canada), email or start a webchat with our experienced technical sales team who will be discuss your requirements further.