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Knight Optical is proud to offer a bespoke range of graticules that includes eyepiece graticules, stage graticules, and graticule sub-assemblies specifically for measurement and calibration. Our graticules are essential for accurately measuring linear dimensions, radii, diameters, and angles across a variety of applications.

Our eyepiece graticule microscope solutions and stage graticules are custom-manufactured to suit any pattern required by our clients, from cross lines and graticule scales to grids and concentric circles. These graticules are mounted in anodized aluminium bodies, designed for both traditional microscopy applications and more specialised uses such as weapon sights and telescope applications, as well as range-finding applications in the defence sector, highlighting our versatility as a graticule company. Our ranges of reticule assemblies are used in metrology, surveying, aerospace also used in a range of scientific instrumentation and medical applications.

Furthermore, Knight Optical provides a range of regulated eyepiece graticules and regulated graticules, ensuring high accuracy and reliability for your measurements. Our glass graticule options are perfect for applications demanding clarity and durability.

In addition, our custom services have a vast stock of graticules ready for immediate application in various fields, including eyepiece graticule microscope setups, making us a leading graticule optics provider.

Our process capabilities, including vacuum metal deposition, etching, electroforming, and photographic techniques, allow us to apply antireflective coatings for enhanced performance, covering a wide range of materials from plastic and glass to IR crystals and ceramics. Our range of processes can be applied to plastic, glass, IR crystal, UV materials such as calcium fluoride and UV grade fused silica , ceramics and metal foils.


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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Every graticule we supply is accurately tested by our skilled technicians to meet Knight Optical’s high standards, ensuring that our graticules enhance both your product’s performance and supply chain efficiency.

    For detailed inquiries and to discover how our high-quality graticules can benefit your product and supply chain experiences, please contact our multilingual technical sales team. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Graticules, also known as reticles or grid overlays, are precise scale patterns or markings found on glass, metal, or other transparent materials. They are commonly used in microscopy, telescopes, and optical devices to measure or align objects within the field of view. Graticules can come in various forms, such as lines, dots, crosses, or circles, and are essential tools in scientific research, engineering, and photography for accurate measurement and observation.

    A graticule microscope incorporates a graticule, typically in the eyepiece or on the stage, to provide a reference scale or pattern against which specimens can be measured. This improves measurement accuracy by allowing users to directly compare specimen dimensions against known scale markings, eliminating guesswork and enhancing precision in data collection and analysis in fields such as biology, materials science, and quality control.

    An eyepiece graticule, or reticle, is integrated into the microscope eyepiece and superimposes scale markings onto the image seen by the observer. It remains constant regardless of the objective lens used. A stage graticule, on the other hand, is placed directly on the microscope stage and moves with the specimen, used primarily for aligning or positioning samples. While eyepiece graticules are used for measuring and comparing specimen features, stage graticules assist in specimen placement and alignment under the microscope.

    Using a calibrated eyepiece graticule ensures that measurements taken through the microscope are accurate and reliable. Calibration aligns the graticule’s scale with the microscope’s magnification settings, compensating for discrepancies between different microscope models or setups. This is crucial for scientific research and industrial applications where precise measurements are essential for data validity and repeatability.

    Yes, custom glass graticules tailored to specific applications can be purchased from companies like us at Knight Optical. These graticules can be designed with unique patterns, scales, or markings to meet the exact needs of specialized optical instruments, research requirements, or measurement tasks. Custom graticules provide flexibility and precision for users in specialized fields, enhancing the functionality of optical devices.


    Choosing the right graticule for your optical device involves considering the type of measurements or alignments you need to perform, the scale resolution required, and the compatibility with your device. Factors such as the material of the graticule, its mounting configuration (eyepiece or stage), and whether it needs to be calibrated should also be considered. Consulting with experts like those at Knight Optical can provide guidance and ensure you select a graticule that meets your specific needs and enhances your device’s accuracy and usability.

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