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Regulation and Innovation in the Metaverse

With the continual progression of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) gadgets and the recent surge in demand for Apple Vision Pro (the tech giant’s latest foray into the AR and VR field), discussions relating to regulations and mandates have heightened. Optical components serve a crucial role in enriching the visual, interactive, and perceptual experiences across a diverse range of devices employed for the cyber realm. As a provider of optics for AR-/VR-enabled equipment (for illustration, head-mounted displays [HMDs], AR glasses, smartphones and tablets), we have a deep connection to the subject. Here, we explore the intricate sphere of metaverse regulation, examining its possible implications.

Navigating Troubled Waters: Optical Technologies in Anti-Piracy Efforts

Working at sea poses unique risks, especially with the looming threat of piracy. Discover how cutting-edge optical technologies are revolutionising maritime security to combat piracy raids and ensure safer seas for all.

How AI and Optical Components Are Joining Forces to Tackle Driving Offences in the UK

In recent times, technological advancements have revolutionised the highways sector. The refinements – ranging from enhanced safe motoring practices and the implementation of ‘smart motorways’ to better observation of vehicular infractions – have significantly contributed to safeguarding travellers and optimising transportation streams, thanks to the benefits of digital adaptations.

Tech Horizons: Glimpses from CES 2024

In this blog, we look at some of the stimulating aspects and novel creations from CES 2024 that caught our eye, especially those utilising light and optics for optimal functionality.

Eyes in the Sky: Space Technology for Earth’s Energy Efficiency

The innovations that float overhead in space offer many benefits to our lives on Earth. Everyday, basic conveniences, like the weather forecasting that guides our daily attire choices, those all-important video and phone calls with loved ones, essential internet connectivity for work and leisure and crucial broadcasting to ensure we stay informed on the latest headlines, are all made possible by state-of-the-art satellites that are always hard at work throughout the universe. However, beyond these familiar operations, celestial systems also play a prominent role in helping us learn more about sustainability and conservation. In this blog, we explore the profound impact of space tech on improving our Blue Planet’s energy efficiency.

Retail Revolution: How Robots Are Transforming Shopping Experiences

The retail scene has undergone huge transformations in recent years, specifically in the aftermath of the universal coronavirus pandemic. With restrictions limiting access to retail parks, shopping centres, and high streets worldwide, there was a notable influx in e-commerce orders. As COVID-related limitations eased and consumers returned to brick-and-mortar outlets, numerous distributors adopted innovative working methods, placing automation at the core of their practices. As a result, a tide of novel assistants emerged within our shops, and intriguingly, not all of them were human. Here, we delve into the growth of robotic and automation integration in the retail sector.

Unravelling the Symbiosis of ROVs, AUVs, and Optical Precision

In the subsea robot domain, improvements in remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) drive progress. Here, we delve into the current landscape of submersibles, shedding light on the evolution of ROVs and AUVs, and emphasise the vital purpose of the incorporation of optical components.

Precision Meets Price Plunges: Exclusive 2023 Black Friday Discounts

Here at Knight Optical, we find great satisfaction in rewarding our cherished long-standing customers, many of whom have been with us for the majority of our 32-year journey. Taking a bold step in 2023, we’ve plunged head first into the Black Friday excitement for the very first time. This signifies a special occasion for us to hand out fantastic price cuts to our valued clients, providing a perfect prospect to enjoy markdowns just before the onset of the hectic workplace pre-Christmas rush.

Unveiling the Unlikely: Surprising Sectors Transformed by Robotic Innovations

While it’s second nature to associate autonomous systems with typical users like automobile manufacturing and electronics, there exist less obvious industries where they’ve found an unpredicted home. Here, we embark on a journey through these unanticipated realms, shedding light on their adoption and revealing a degree of forward-thinking that might just defy your initial expectations.

Subsea Disaster Responses: How Tech Enhances Crisis Management

It has been four months since the unfortunate implosion of OceanGate’s Titan. This incident has shed light on the exceptional sophistication of the innovations employed for deepwater crisis management and highlights the tremendous strides we’ve taken in modern-day engineering. As a prominent provider of optical components for submersibles and their corresponding digital elements, we are delving into the important function tech plays when disaster strikes beneath the waves.