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Tech Horizons: Glimpses from CES 2024

15th Jan 2024

Tech Horizons: Glimpses from CES 2024

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Venetian Expo in Las Vegas, hailed as the ‘most powerful tech event in the world’, has captured widespread media interest. Amidst the international surge of intelligent automation, its timing was spot-on. AI stole the limelight, permeating every aspect of the convention centre. In this blog, we look at some of the stimulating aspects and novel creations from CES 2024 that caught our eye, especially those utilising light and optics for optimal functionality.

AI Leads The Way

CES 2024 proved that AI is commanding the stage in the sphere of mass-market tech. From toothbrushes that inform you about your cleaning habits and grills that cook the perfect steak to more car brands adopting chatbots in vehicle lines, this inventive use of machine intelligence is taking creativity to new heights. Underscoring their AI commitment, companies like Dell and Microsoft plan to include a dedicated AI key on select laptop makes, further incorporating it into everyday gadgets.

While the advancements in AI are undoubtedly thrilling, it’s not the only subfield deserving acknowledgement. 

Other equally phenomenal areas also merit the spotlight, such as:

IR Technology

Hair Dryers:

L'oreal IR hair dryer from CES 2024

Hair-drying developments have undergone a remarkable transformation recently, evolving from a mundane, bulky appliance with tedious performance to something much more exciting. A prominent personal care business is advancing the progression with its latest product. L’Oreal’s AirLight Pro redefines blow-drying by surpassing conventional thermal rods, opting instead for a combination of air and IR light. The beauty giant reports that the invention consumes 31% less energy than traditional hairdryers, and also enhances smoothness, achieving a 59% improvement in texture [1].

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Wearable Devices

For the Visually Impaired:

Guidi's wearable belt for the visually imparedAn Honoree of the CES 2024 Innovation Awards, GUIDi is a belt uniquely crafted for individuals with visual impairments, harnessing AI and MEMS (micro-electromechanical system). The sophisticated wearable employs wide-angle cameras, AI, sensors, voice commands, and navigation, facilitating smooth manoeuvring in different environments for its end users.

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Smart Prosthetics:

AI-enabled prosthetics from CES 2024Another Honoree of the commendations, and named as one of the best inventions of 2022 by TIME magazine, is Esper Hand – a bionic arm with a dexterity that closely matches a human’s. With personalisation at its heart, the prosthetic can recognise user inclinations and, by using machine learning, adapt to augment users’ lifestyles.

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Keeping Schools Safe:

Bosch’s Firearm Recognition Technology was recognised as the Best of Innovation in the Artificial Intelligence grouping and as an Honoree in the Human Security for All division of the awards. The mechanism uses state-of-the-art audio and video AI to visually and acoustically distinguish firearms and gunfire, promptly alerting personnel.

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Domestic Assistants:

Ballie, the AI-enabled Domestic Assistant from CES 2024Top tech enterprise Samsung unveiled brand-new benefits for its Ballie bot. For example, its projection feature. The cheerful yellow, wheel-based smart home assistant has exhibited its versatility in tasks like feeding pets, assisting with work calls, and projecting exercise routines onto walls and ceilings according to preferences.

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Robotic Head:

Robotic Head from CES 2024Yet another impressive reveal in the realm of AI and robotics is the futuristic WeHead, a device fabricated to display the face of a digital human or clone a real person’s appearance. Its high-tech engineering enables it to maintain eye contact and replicate head gestures, mirroring human behaviours. Specifically tailored for immersive virtual meetings, it is poised to enhance digital interactions with its lifelike design.

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Seeing Nature Through A New Lens:

A new class of binoculars was also debuted, capable of recognising over 9000 varieties of birds and wildlife. Kitted out with AI, the Swarovski Optic AX Visio binoculars can identify the particular species in focus, informing users of the name of the subject. Furthermore, they have the capability to capture pictures and videos of the subjects being observed.

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Vehicle & Aviation Systems

Assisted Parking:

Continental, which aims to improve automated parking, received Honoree recognition in the Vehicle Tech & Advanced Mobility category for its Radar Vision Parking (RVP) system. The technique stands out for its enhancements; for instance, the ability to detect heights and assess the over-rideability of objects like low curbs or the under-rideability of objects like a suspended bicycle in a garage. 

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Flying Taxis:

Flying taxi concept from CES 2024One of the highlights that garnered considerable attention was the unveiling of a sleek, ultra-modern air taxi. Supernal, a branch of Hyundai, displayed its stylish aircraft, the S-A2 model, which is intended for inclusion in a fleet as part of a collaboration with Uber Elevate. The company has set its sights on submitting its proposal for FAA certification in 2025, aiming for a debut in 2028. 

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Automated Aircraft Landing:

Automated Aircraft Landing from CES 2024In a development sure to calm the nerves of anxious flyers, Garmin has introduced a groundbreaking automated system. In scenarios where a pilot is unable to land a craft, Garmin Autoland can autonomously execute emergency landings. It can be activated automatically or manually by passengers with a simple button press. The safety-focused tech intelligently selects the most suitable airport for landing, taking into account elements such as weather conditions, fuel levels, runway characteristics (including surface and length), terrain, and potential obstacles. What’s more, it is available as a retrofit solution for certain models. 

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Pet Tech

Preventing Unwanted Presents:

The creative Flappie, a smart cat flap, also generated quite the buzz. With its built-in cameras and AI technology, it detects when your pet attempts to bring prey into your house and temporarily restricts entry, meaning you won’t wake up to any nasty surprises. Additionally, it offers animal lovers the benefit of receiving footage and photos of their four-legged friends, and allows for remote control through a dedicated app. Set to launch in Europe in spring, it is anticipated to become a popular choice among cat owners.


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Child-Centric Technology

Automated Pushchairs: 

Automated Pushchairs from CES 2024

Glüxkind left spectators amazed when it showcased its innovative ‘Ella stroller’, highlighting its distinctive features. The AI-enhanced pushchair is designed to facilitate a hands-free experience for parents, allowing them to effortlessly carry children, handle a dog on a lead, or manage shopping bags. Equipped with an uphill assist feature, the pram not only alleviates the effort of pushing but also includes a smart brake system and an automatic rocking function for added convenience.

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CES 2024 was bustling with energy, and it’s incredibly encouraging to witness numerous technologies, integrated with optical components, leading the charge in various subfields. 

The anticipation for what new breakthroughs the coming year will bring is high, and we are excited about the prospect of collaborating with global frontrunners in consumer technology to develop the next wave of astounding and trailblazing innovations, contributing to shaping the tech-savvy future we are steadily moving towards.