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Precision Meets Price Plunges: Exclusive 2023 Black Friday Discounts

20th Nov 2023

Here at Knight Optical, we find great satisfaction in rewarding our cherished long-standing customers, many of whom have been with us for the majority of our 32-year journey. Taking a bold step in 2023, we’ve plunged head first into the Black Friday excitement for the very first time. This signifies a special occasion for us to hand out fantastic price cuts to our valued clients, providing a perfect prospect to enjoy markdowns just before the onset of the hectic workplace pre-Christmas rush.

knight optical black friday deals


As of today (Monday, November 20th 00:01), customers seeking premium-quality, high-spec optical components can unlock savings of up to 20%* on orders*. This means you can continue to experience the exceptional fine-tuned standards associated with Knight Optical, now coupled with considerable reductions. 


Extended across the entire store, these offers serve as a welcome token to our customers, especially as company budgets conclude for the year and we turn our gaze towards 2024. Whether you’re in need of Windows, Filters, Beamsplitters, Prisms, Lenses, or Mirrors, our savings cater to a wide audience. From R&D professionals to designers and manufacturers of electrical devices, robotic engineers, and photography experts; everyone can reap the benefits.


Talking of the week-long event, our CEO, Colin Overton, adds:

“Black Friday presents a valuable window for us to extend our gratitude to the enduring partnerships we’ve cultivated with our client base throughout 2023. Recognising some of the economic challenges from the year, actioning these discounts to our loyal customer base brings me immense joy. It marks a significant milestone for Knight Optical, and if it contributes to the realisation of some truly groundbreaking innovations, that’s truly remarkable.


“As we embrace Black Friday, we look forward to supporting our customers in their pursuits of cutting-edge solutions. The opportunity to offer substantial savings is not just a gesture of appreciation but a testament to our dedication to offering value and excellence in precision optics. We anticipate this will brighten the festive season lead-up for engineers, designers, and specifiers alike.”


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