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Custom Planoconvex Lenses

Plane and Convex Surfaced Planoconvex Lenses

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Planoconvex lenses stand out for their unique configuration of one flat (plane) surface paired with one convex surface, resulting in a positive focal length.

These lenses are pivotal in applications requiring the focusing or collecting of light, playing a crucial role in a variety of optical systems. When considering plano convex lens price and use of plano convex lens, it’s clear that these lenses are both versatile and cost-effective.

Crafted typically from medium index crown glass such as BK7, BaK4, or for applications demanding lower spherical aberrations, high index glass like SF11, planoconvex lenses are engineered for optimal performance. Despite their tendency towards chromatic aberration near the optical axis, they form an integral part of more complex lens systems, enhancing the functionality of imaging systems, lasers, and detectors.

For those looking to buy plano convex lenses, Knight Optical’s inventory spans diameters from 2.5mm to 100mm and includes a comprehensive range of focal lengths with various AR coating options for different wavelengths. Our capability to supply custom planoconvex lenses tailored to specific needs ensures that we can accommodate any optical requirement, whether for general use or precision applications.

Knight Optical’s bespoke service extends to plano convex spherical lenses, available either uncoated or AR coated for UV, visible, and NIR telecom wavelengths. We also offer custom planoconvex lenses made from a spectrum of infrared materials, from calcium fluoride to germanium, to cater to unique wavelength requirements. For those in need of rapid solutions, our stock lenses can be edged to smaller diameters for expedited delivery.

Our custom planoconvex lenses are crafted to meet your exact specifications, utilising standard glass types from renowned manufacturers like Ohara, Schott, and Corning. Available with or without anti-reflective coating, centred at your required wavelength or with multilayer broadband coatings, these lenses are designed for performance. For research and development applications, we can create custom planoconvex lens sets, providing a versatile toolset for innovative optical solutions.

Discover how Knight Optical’s high-quality, custom planoconvex lenses can improve your products and supply chain efficiency. With a focus on biconvex vs plano convex lenses, our extensive capabilities ensure that we can meet any optical challenge with precision and expertise.

Plane and Convex Surfaced Planoconvex Lenses

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A planoconvex lens is an optical lens with one flat (plano) side and one outwardly curved (convex) side. It functions by converging light rays that pass through it, focusing the light to a point on the opposite side of the lens. This type of lens is commonly used to focus, collimate, or manipulate light in various applications, including imaging systems, lasers, and optical instruments.

    Planoconvex lenses can be purchased from us at Knight Optical, the leading provider of high-quality optical components. We offer a wide range of planoconvex lenses in various materials, sizes, and focal lengths to suit diverse applications. Our expert team can also provide guidance on selecting the right lens for your specific needs. Get in touch for advice today.

    Planoconvex lenses and biconvex lenses both converge light but are suited to different applications based on their shapes. A planoconvex lens, with its flat side, is ideal for applications where the light source or target is close to the lens, minimising spherical aberrations. Biconvex lenses, with two outwardly curved sides, are typically used when the light source and the target are equidistant from the lens. The choice between them depends on the specific requirements of the optical system, such as the desired focal length and the placement of the lens relative to other components.

    The price of planoconvex lenses varies depending on factors such as the material (e.g., glass, acrylic, or specialised optical glass), size, and optical quality. Knight Optical provides competitive pricing for their planoconvex lenses, with options to suit various budgets and applications. For accurate pricing, it’s best to consult directly with us, as we can offer detailed quotes based on the specifications required for your project. Get in touch for advice today.

    Planoconvex lenses are versatile and used in a wide range of applications, including focusing light in laser systems, collimating light from point sources, and improving image quality in optical instruments. They are also used in projectors, telescopes, and magnifying glasses, where their ability to accurately focus light enhances the performance of these devices.

    Choosing the right planoconvex lens involves considering several key factors, including the wavelength of light to be used (to ensure material compatibility), the required focal length (to achieve the desired convergence or magnification), and the lens diameter (to suit the physical dimensions of your setup). Consulting with optical experts, such as us at Knight Optical, can provide invaluable assistance in selecting a lens that meets your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance in your application. Get in touch for advice today.

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    Antireflective (AR)

    We have a variety of AR coatings available for our planoconvex lenses.

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