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Custom UV Ground Glass Diffusers

UV Ground Glass Diffusers

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Optical diffusers are key in changing the direction and spread of incoming light. Knight Optical provides a variety of UV ground glass diffusers from stock and can also supply custom UV grade ground glass diffusers tailored to your specific needs.

Our diffusion glass products, namely our custom UV grade ground glass diffusers, are designed to scatter light at angles up to about 10°. These diffusers are primarily used in two applications: for focusing light and for enhancing uniform illumination in UV lighting systems. We offer custom UV grade fused silica ground glass diffusers that are effective down to 175nm in the UV spectrum. These UV diffusers can be provided in large sizes up to 300mm diameter and in any thickness required. They can be customised to any bespoke shape, be it circular, square, or rectangular, with either cut and chamfered edges or finely ground to meet your custom UV grade diffuser specifications. The ground surface of these diffusers can be tailored to your required grade, although a 40-micron grit size is suitable for most applications. For applications that do not extend beyond 270nm in the UV spectrum, Quartz glass is an alternative material option, available in sheets up to 1000x1000mm.

Besides their use in design and entertainment, UV diffusers including diffusion glass play a crucial role in traditional UV imaging techniques and in controlling UV illumination for optical sensing, as well as in military instrumentation and imaging applications.

UV Ground Glass Diffusers

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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Knight Optical is committed to delivering high-quality custom UV diffusers, manufactured to our precise specifications. Every component is individually tested using our Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometer, equipped with UMA and DRA devices for operation from 175nm to 3200nm. Our Agilent 660 FTIR spectrophotometer is utilised for testing materials between 3.5µm and 45µm. Our highly skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab carry out these tests to ensure all components meet our stringent quality standards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A UV ground glass diffuser is an optical device designed to scatter ultraviolet (UV) light, creating a uniform light distribution. It works by using finely etched or ground glass surfaces to diffuse the UV light, breaking up the beam and spreading it over a wider area. This process reduces the intensity of direct light beams, making it ideal for applications requiring even illumination without hotspots.

    UV ground glass diffusers are specifically engineered for optimal performance with UV light wavelengths. Unlike other diffusers that may be optimized for visible light or infrared (IR), UV ground glass diffusers have materials and surface treatments that efficiently scatter UV light. This makes them particularly useful in applications where precise control over UV light distribution is needed, such as in fluorescence microscopy or UV curing processes.

    The main applications of UV ground glass diffusers include scientific research, where uniform UV illumination is necessary for experiments or observations, UV photography to achieve even lighting, and industrial processes like UV curing of adhesives and coatings. They are also used in lighting setups requiring diffused UV light, such as in germicidal irradiation for sterilisation and disinfection.

    Yes, UV ground glass diffusers can be used with a wide range of UV light sources, including UV LEDs, mercury lamps, and UV lasers. The key is to choose a diffuser with the appropriate optical properties for the specific UV wavelength and intensity of the light source. Proper selection ensures effective diffusion and minimizes any potential degradation of the diffuser material under intense UV exposure.

    Choosing the right UV ground glass diffuser involves considering the wavelength of your UV light source, the desired diffusion angle, and the intensity distribution required for your application. Additionally, the size and shape of the diffuser should be compatible with your optical setup. It’s also important to consider the material’s resistance to UV-induced degradation to ensure longevity and consistent performance.

    Using a ground glass diffuser in UV applications offers several benefits, including improved uniformity of light distribution, reduced glare and hotspots, and enhanced safety by diminishing the intensity of direct UV beams. These diffusers also allow for more precise control over the illumination area, making them invaluable in applications requiring even, diffused UV light for accurate results or consistent processing.

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    Typical Applications

    Non-Polarising Beamsplitter Cubes for Video Camera

    Design and Entertainment

    UV Beam Splitters for UV iIllumination design

    UV Illumination

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