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Custom UV Beam Splitters

Plate Beamsplitters and Cube Beamsplitters

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Knight Optical offers a comprehensive range of UV beam splitters, including both plate beamsplitters and cube beamsplitters, tailored for ultraviolet instrument applications.

Our custom UV grade plate beamsplitters and UV cube beamsplitters are designed to meet the demands of a wide array of UV applications, ensuring superior performance and quality. They are available in several quality grades and R/T (reflection/transmission) ratios, accommodating various budgets and application requirements. The standard range features surfaces with less stringent flatness criteria, yet remains suitable for the majority of applications. For more demanding imaging applications, our precision range of UV plate beamsplitters are produced from precision-polished substrates, where specifications for flatness and parallelism are rigorously controlled.

Both precision and standard ranges of our UV plate beamsplitters boast precise dielectric UV beam splitter coatings on one face and a UV anti-reflective coating on the opposite face to reduce ghosting. The substrates for both types are UV grade fused silica, efficient down to 175nm and achieving high transmission performance of 85% at 185nm. We offer several grades of fused silica, including Corning 7980 2G, Spectrosil 2000 (Spectrosil B), and JGS1, ensuring optimal performance for your specific application.

UV plate beamsplitters find extensive use in a variety of applications, from fluorescence microscopy and illumination design to security instrumentation and interferometry.

Our custom UV grade cube beamsplitters are engineered to split the input UV beam into two orthogonal beams of equal intensity, utilising UV broadband coatings on the input and output surfaces as well as the 45° interface. These beam splitter cubes produce two orthogonal rays with identical optical path lengths. With UV anti-reflection coatings on the input and output surfaces and a central interface coated to reflect and transmit the UV beam, these beamsplitter cubes can be designed for either polarising or non-polarising beam splits, with intensity ratios adjustable to meet specific requirements, such as 50/50 or 70/30 for non-polarising cubes.

Plate Beamsplitters and Cube Beamsplitters

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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Knight Optical is dedicated to providing high-quality, custom UV grade beamsplitters, each rigorously tested with our Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometers, covering a range from 175nm to 3300nm. Our testing capabilities, including a UMA device for coating analysis in transmission and reflection at any angle, and a DRA device for evaluating complex beamsplitter components, ensure that every component meets our exacting standards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A UV beam splitter is an optical device specifically designed to split ultraviolet (UV) light into two or more separate beams. It functions by utilizing coatings on glass or fused silica that are optimized for UV wavelengths. These coatings partially reflect and partially transmit the UV light, enabling precise control over the division of the beam for applications requiring UV light manipulation.

    UV grade plate beamsplitters are specially designed with materials and coatings that are optimized for high transmission and reflection of ultraviolet light. Unlike standard beamsplitters, which may not efficiently handle UV wavelengths, UV grade plate beamsplitters minimize absorption and degradation of UV light, ensuring higher performance and durability in UV applications.

    Yes, UV beam splitter cubes can be used in laser applications that involve ultraviolet light. These cubes are constructed to handle the high energy of UV lasers, splitting the laser beam with minimal loss and distortion. They are particularly useful in precision applications such as UV lithography, spectroscopy, and fluorescence microscopy, where maintaining the integrity of the UV laser beam is crucial.

    UV polarizing beam splitters are used in applications requiring the separation of UV light based on polarization. This includes polarization-sensitive imaging, optical instrumentation, and scientific research, where analyzing or manipulating the polarization state of UV light is necessary. They are also employed in optical systems that require the enhancement or suppression of specific polarization components of UV light for increased image contrast or to study material properties.

    Selecting the right UV beam splitter involves considering the wavelength range of your UV light source, the desired splitting ratio, and the polarization characteristics of your application. It’s also important to choose a beam splitter with appropriate coatings and substrate materials that are resistant to UV-induced degradation. For laser applications, the splitter must have a high damage threshold to withstand the intensity of UV lasers.

    Using a UV cube beamsplitter in optical setups offers several benefits, including compact design, minimal optical path deviation, and enhanced durability. These cubes are designed to precisely split UV light with high fidelity, maintaining the integrity of the beam’s direction and polarization. They are ideal for applications where space is limited and where the beam’s alignment and polarization state must be preserved, such as in advanced microscopy and optical coherence tomography.

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    Typical Applications

    Aspherical Lenses for Microscopy

    Fluorescence Microscopy

    UV Beam Splitters for UV iIllumination design

    Illumination Design

    UV Beam Splitters for Interferometry


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