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Custom Non-Polarising Beamsplitter Cubes

Cube Beamsplitters

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Knight Optical is your go-to source for custom non-polarising beamsplitter cubes, designed for applications across UV, Vis, and NIR wavebands. Our portfolio includes a wide range of custom optical beam splitter configurations to suit every need.

Our non-polarising beamsplitter cubes come in various configurations, including options for non polarising beam splitter designs with narrow, standard, and broadband coatings tailored for input and output windows. We can also offer polarising beamsplitter cubes. The unique coating on the hypotenuse of the two 45° half-cube prisms can be customised to achieve any desired reflection-to-transmission ratio, such as 50:50, 90:10, or 80:20. These coatings enable the assembly of cemented 45° prisms into a solid cube, ensuring equal optical path lengths for the two output beams. Additionally, by attaching another 45° prism with a mirrored hypotenuse to an output face, we create non polarising beam splitter cubes that generate two parallel beams of equal intensity, albeit with unequal optical path lengths. A solid cube of matching dimensions can be added to the first output beam to equalise the optical path lengths.

These non polarizing beam splitter cubes are integral in various devices, including high-end digital movie cameras, where typically three are used—one for each primary colour (red, green, blue). While polarising beamsplitter cubes are known for producing polarised light (reflecting s-polarised and transmitting p-polarised light), our non-polarising beamsplitter cubes excel in splitting a randomly polarised input beam into two orthogonal beams without altering their polarisation state, ensuring an extinction ratio better than 1000:1.

Cube Beamsplitters

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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Knight Optical is committed to delivering top-tier non-polarising beamsplitter cubes, each rigorously tested with our Agilent Cary 5000 spectrometers equipped with a UMA device for precise transmission and reflection coating analysis at any angle. Our DRA device allows for the assessment of complex beamsplitter components, while our Agilent 660 FTIR spectrometer is ideal for evaluating coatings between 3.5µm and 45µm. Our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab ensure that all components meet Knight Optical’s exacting standards.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A non-polarising beamsplitter cube is an optical device designed to split incoming light into two separate beams without altering their polarization states. It works by using a dielectric coating on the hypotenuse of two right-angle prisms that are then cemented together. This setup ensures that the light is split evenly, regardless of its polarization, making it ideal for applications requiring the preservation of the original light’s polarization characteristics.

    A non polarizing beam splitter cube differs from a polarizing one in that it splits the light without favoring any polarization direction. Polarizing beam splitters, on the other hand, split light based on polarization, separating s-polarized and p-polarized light. Non polarizing cubes are crucial in applications where maintaining the original polarization state of the light is necessary for the integrity of the experiment or application.

    Yes, non-polarising beamsplitter cubes can be used in laser applications. They are especially useful in systems where the preservation of the laser beam’s polarization state is critical. These cubes ensure that both the transmitted and reflected beams maintain their original polarization characteristics, making them suitable for use in optical systems that rely on precise polarization control.

    Non polarizing beam splitter cubes are widely used in various optical applications, including optical coherence tomography (OCT), interferometry, laser systems, and microscopy. Their ability to split light without affecting its polarization makes them ideal for scientific research, medical imaging, and any application requiring precise optical measurements and imaging.

    Choosing the right non polarising beamsplitter cube involves considering several factors, such as the wavelength range of your light source, the cube’s size to fit your optical system, the splitting ratio required, and the cube’s damage threshold for high-power applications. It’s also important to select cubes with high-quality coatings to ensure minimal loss and optimal performance in your specific application.

    The benefits of using non polarising beamsplitter cubes in optical systems include the ability to split light beams without altering their polarization states, high precision in beam splitting, minimal optical loss, and enhanced imaging quality. These cubes also allow for more flexible system design, as they can be used with a wide range of light sources and in various applications where preserving the polarization of the light is crucial.

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    Typical Applications

    Non-Polarising Beamsplitter Cubes for Video Camera

    Digital Movie Cameras

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