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The Pellin-Broca prism has the very interesting property that the light at the required wavelength is deviated by 90° with the wavelength being selected by the angle of rotation of the prism.

The UV fused silica version shown below has its input and output faces at Brewsters angle for a wavelength of 240nm. This gives a very high transmission for correctly polarised light.

In addition to our stock UV fused silica Pellin-Broca prism, Knight Optical also offer an extensive custom optic service thanks to our many years of experience in the industry. We are able to supply high quality, bespoke prisms to fit individual applications. For more information on our custom prisms, or to enquire about any of our other components, contact our technical sales team.

Surface Quality:
UV grade fused silica
± 0.2 mm
± 30'
60/40 scratch/dig
<1 wave

AR coatings.
Mirror coatings
Stock prisms can be machined thinner.

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Name Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) Dimension C (mm) Dimension D (mm) Thickness (mm) Angle A (degrees) Angle B (degrees) Angle C (degrees) Angle D (degrees) Refractive Index (nd) Price Buy
PPF2725 45 27 32 24.7 15 90 78.5 135 56.5 1.458

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Pellin-Broca Prisms