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Fresnel prisms are simple prisms but manufactured using the stepped surface approach of a Fresnel lens. Fresnel prisms must not be confused with fresnel rhombs or biprisms. The type we offer have sawtooth-like structure and will deviate a beam of light by the specified angle, some distortion and colour will be created.

We can also offer fresnel beamsplitters, which have a symmetrical profile and so create a pair of beams symmetrically about the centreline. In this way they act as beam splitters, there is however still some distortion and colour.

The overall size may be up to 20mm larger than the clear aperture.

Prism direction runs parallel to long axis

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Name Deviation Angle (degrees) Prism Angle (degrees) Aperture Length along grooves (mm) Aperture Width (mm) Facet Width (mm) Price Buy
PFA23140 23 41 140 140 0.13
PFA16240 16 31 240 240 0.15
PFA16450 16 30 450 370 0.33
PFA12133 12 24 165 165 0.15

4 Items


Fresnel Prisms

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