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Custom Optical Domes

Optical Domes

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At Knight Optical, we specialise in delivering custom optical domes tailored to meet your unique requirements.

Our optical domes are renowned for their remarkable transmission and robust durability, attributes that are particularly crucial for applications like underwater imaging.

When it comes to substrate selection, we offer a variety of materials, each with its own advantages depending on the application:

  • N-BK7 (or its equivalent) serves as a sturdy, cost-efficient choice for VIS to NIR applications. It boasts high transmission rates between 300-2000nm and is virtually devoid of any bubbles or inclusions. We offer precision optical domes made from N-BK7 directly from stock, ranging from 25mm to 100mm in diameter. For those seeking larger sizes, custom optical domes can be manufactured with diameters exceeding 350mm.
  • UV fused silica is an optimal choice for wavelengths below 400nm, as it transmits all the way down to 180nm. Our stock includes 50mm and 100mm UVFS domes.
  • Sapphire stands out for its rugged properties, making it an ideal candidate for harsh environments where softer materials might risk damage. This material is often the go-to for protective optical domes that need to withstand high levels of pressure.
  • Acrylic offers a lightweight and cost-effective option, especially for bulk production. We can supply acrylic dome optics up to 2m in diameter, and flanges can be incorporated to assist with the mounting process. Hyper hemisphere domes are also available.
  • Moulded glass, including filter glass, can be the perfect solution when your optical glass dome specifications are more specialised.
  • Optical domes can also be manufactured in materials transmitting in the UV and IR regions. This includes materials such as germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, and zinc sulphide.

Precision optical domes are used in a variety of industries including subsea, aerospace, military and meteorology. They are most often used as protective optic as their hemispherical shape makes them naturally stronger in high-pressure environments and also allows for a wider field of view when compared to their flat window counterparts. Further, critically, they do not disrupt the optical path.

Optical Domes

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    An optical dome is an optical component which is typically designed to protect an optical system such as cameras and sensors. Manufactured from glass or acrylic, optical domes offer protection, due to their naturally strong shape, as well as allowing light to transmit to and from the protected optical system. 

    An optical glass dome is purely an optical dome manufactured from glass substrates such as N-BK7 and fused silica, rather than materials such as acrylic. 

    A custom optical dome has been manufactured to our client’s own requirements. At Knight Optical we can provide domes in a variety of materials, including N-BK7, sapphire, UV fused silica, and acrylic, we can offer large diameters, and have a coating applied to optimise the performance. 

    A precision optical dome is characterised by its high quality, and consequent optimal performance, which is most often achieved with tight tolerances and material selection. Knight Optical can provide precision optical domes manufactured to our customer’s specifications. 

    A protective optical dome, due to its shape, offers both a good field of view and durability both of which make this optical component an ideal protective casing over optical systems. They are often used in applications such as underwater imaging as they can withstand the pressure that they are exposed to deep underwater, but also offer excellent optical clarity with minimal distortions. 

    Yes, the term dome optic can be used interchangeably with optical dome, however in the optics field the term “optical dome” is more commonly used and widely recognised. 

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    Additional Information

    Flange can be added

    In the case of moulded optical domes, it’s worth noting that a flange can be integrated into the design to facilitate the mounting process. This additional feature enhances the ease of installation, making it a convenient option for various applications.


    AR coating

    An anti-reflective (AR) coating can be meticulously applied to either the interior or exterior surface of the dome optic window. This enhances the optical dome’s performance by minimising reflections, thereby optimising the transmission of light for your specific application.

    Specialist coatings

    We also offer more specialist coatings for our optical domes, including hydrophobic, oleophobic and DLC. Enquire today to find out more.

    Typical Applications

    Optical Domes for LiDAR systems

    LiDAR systems

    Optical Domes for Pyrometers (0.15-4µm) and Pyrgeometers (4-100µm).

    Pyrometers (0.15-4µm) and Pyrgeometers (4-100µm).

    Optical Domes for Underwater cameras

    Underwater cameras

    Optical Domes for Unmanned Automated Vehicles (UAVs)

    Unmanned Automated Vehicles (UAVs)

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