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Custom Light Pipe Homogenising Rods

Tapered Light Pipes and Hexagonal Light Pipe Homogenising Rods

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With decades of expertise under our belt, Knight Optical excels in offering precision-crafted tapered light pipes and hexagonal light pipe homogenising rods. Whether you’re seeking a standard homogenising rod or a custom light pipe homogenising rod, we’re committed to working with you from the initial enquiry through to the final shipment of your bespoke light homogeniser.

Our quality assurance department ensures each light pipe homogeniser rod is chip-free along its edges and surfaces for seamless application, ensuring our light pipes meet your specifications before they leave our facility. For those with budget considerations, we are transparent about our light pipe homogenising rods’ price, offering competitive rates without compromising quality.

Tapered Light Pipes and Hexagonal Light Pipe Homogenising Rods

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    Our Light Pipe Homogenising Rods

    Knight Optical provides both tapered and hexagonal light pipe homogenising rods as part of our custom optics solutions. Standard substrates like N-BK7 and UV fused silica are our go-to materials for crafting these specialised light homogenisers. We can also offer infrared light pipe homogenising rods made from materials such as calcium fluoride and silicon, optimising the performance and maximising the output of each light pipe homogeniser. We offer AR coatings that can be applied to the input/output faces across a range of wavelengths. Whether you’re interested in a custom homogenising rod or simply want to know more about light pipe homogenising rods’ price, our team is on hand to assist you every step of the way.

    Image to demonstrate the process of Hexagonal Light Pipe, Incident Beam

    Tapered Light Pipe

    Image to demonstrate the process of Tapered Light Pipe, Incident Beam

    Hexagonal Light Pipe

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A light homogenizer, also known as a beam homogeniser, is an optical component that transforms non-uniform light into a more uniform light beam to provide more consistent light over a defined area.

    A light pipe homogenising rod uses total internal reflections (TIR) to scatter and redistribute light within the pipe and eventually produce a more uniform output beam.

    Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods are optical components that are designed to evenly distribute light in a controlled and uniform manner. They utilise total internal reflection (TIR) which keeps the light inside the light pipe until it exits the optic.

    A custom homogenizing rod is made to our client’s own specifications, whilst a standard homogenising rod is part of Knight Optical’s stock range.

    The price is dependent on the material and design specifications. Knight Optical are always competitive and work closely with our clients to work to their budget.

    Light pipe homogenising rods can be used in any application where the uniform and homogenised distribution of light is essential. This includes applications such as machine vision, projection systems, and LCD backlighting.

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    Additional Information

    Tapered advantage

    A tapered light pipe homogenising rod serves dual functions. Firstly, it effectively homogenises non-uniform light through the mechanism of total internal reflection. Secondly, it provides added benefits like 2X or 3X magnification, coupled with a proportional reduction in the numerical aperture of the exit beam. Whether you’re looking for this specific functionality or have different needs for a custom homogenising rod, Knight Optical has the expertise to guide you. If cost is a consideration, rest assured that our light pipe homogenising rods price is competitive, offering you value without compromising on quality.

    Hexagonal advantage

    Using a hexagonal light pipe homogenising rod yields significant advantages, such as a 35-40% increase in the output of light when compared to a conventional square cross-section. This makes the hexagonal design a highly efficient option for those looking to maximise their light homogeniser’s performance. Whether you’re interested in a standard homogenising rod or a custom homogenizing rod, Knight Optical can meet your requirements. Our light pipe homogenising rods’ pricing is both competitive and transparent, ensuring you get optimum value for your investment.

    Quality Assurance

    Precision measurement

    To ensure the accuracy of our custom light pipes, they are measured with our Trioptics Prism Master (accurate to within 3 arc seconds) and our Starrett AV300 Digital Imaging System. All of our custom parts go through a rigorous visual inspection process to ensure the surface quality.

    Typical Applications

    Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods for Biomedical devices

    Biomedical devices

    In the realm of biomedical devices, Knight Optical’s light pipe homogenising rods and custom homogenising rods offer unparalleled performance. Our high-quality light homogenizers are crucial for ensuring accurate and consistent results in medical diagnostics and treatments.

    Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods for Communications equipments

    Communications equipments

    Within the communications equipment sector, Knight Optical’s light pipe homogenising rods play a vital role in optimising signal transmission. Whether it’s a standard or custom homogenising rod, our offerings ensure maximum efficiency and reliability for your communication systems.

    Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods for Illumination systems

    Illumination systems

    For illumination systems, Knight Optical’s light pipe homogenising rods are the go-to solution for achieving uniform, high-quality light output. Whether you require a standard homogenising rod or a custom homogenizing rod, we provide the optimal light homogenisers to meet your lighting needs.

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