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AMTIR (Amorphous Material Transmitting Infrared Radiation – Ge33As12Se55) is a glass-like, chalcogenide material similar to germanium in its optical properties. AMTIR optical components have a high homogeneity and transmit across a broad infrared spectrum.

AMTIR transmission is typically between 0.7-14μm and the material performs particularly well in the 8-12μm range due to its low dispersion and absorption. Transmission peaks at approximately 68% between 1.5-10μm. AMTIR is typically Broad Band Anti-Reflection (BBAR) coated, which vastly increases transmission performance for use in the 3-5μm and 8-12μm regions although alternative coating options are available dependant on the material’s function. AMTIR-1 is a soft material, with a hardness of HK170 and can be coated with a suitable hard coating, such as, Diamond Like Coating (DLC). The material has a top operating temperature of 300°C.

Knight Optical supply a range of high quality AMTIR optical components for use in Near Infra-Red (NIR), Mid Wavelength Infra-Red (MWIR), and Long Wave Infra-Red (LWIR). AMTIR is used for windows in the MWIR and LWIR and for the Nd:YAG laser wavelength at 1.064µm. AMTIR has a high dispersion value that allows the use of this glass for pairing with Germanium in the 8 to 12µm waveband. This pairing will allow for the design and manufacture of a colour corrected lens. The refractive index change with temperature of AMTIR allows the design of optical systems that could avoid thermal defocusing. AMTIR can be used, for example, in thermal imaging systems. Knight Optical supply a range of ATMIR Prisms, ATMIR Lenses and can also supply ATMIR Ground Blanks for your custom components. Every component is individually tested by our highly skilled technicians in our state of the art metrology lab to ensure all components meet our high quality standards.

Other common applications apart from FLIR (Forward Looking Infrared) systems are YAG (Yttrium Aluminium Garnet) laser systems, and components in night vision technology.

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