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ultrafast laser mirrors

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Knight Optical has been serving the laser industry for many years, providing both catalogue products and custom laser optics to our customers.

Different lasers and wavelengths will require different substrates. We have vast experience in providing optics that are suitable for use in UV, visible and infrared regions. This includes UV fused silica, Zinc selenide is ideal for CO2 lasers.

These laser components include:

  • Ultrafast Laser Mirrors: Ensures minimal impurities in the ZnSe lenses.
  • Thin Film Polarisers: Contributes to the high-quality performance of ZnSe lenses.
  • Broadband, dual and multi-band mirrors: Makes ZnSe particularly stable in various environments

For such demanding applications, often the tightest specifications are required to ensure the optical component is able to perform with minimal negative impact, such as absorption and scattering of the laser beam, or laser induced damage to the coating and laser optic itself.

ultrafast laser mirrors

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Laser optics are specialised optical components designed to manipulate laser light in various ways, including focusing, reflecting, splitting, or filtering the beam. These components are essential in laser systems used in a wide range of applications from scientific research, medical devices, and industrial machining to telecommunications and entertainment. Common types of laser optics include mirrors, lenses, beam splitters, and polarisers, each serving a specific function in directing or modifying the laser beam to suit the needs of the application.

    Ion beam sputtering (IBS) coatings are applied to laser optics to improve their performance and durability. This advanced coating process involves bombarding a target material with ions in a vacuum, causing atoms to sputter off and deposit onto the optical component, forming a thin film. IBS coatings are extremely uniform and dense, offering superior durability and minimal optical loss, which is crucial for high-power laser applications. These coatings enhance the reflectivity, transmission, and damage threshold of optics, making them suitable for demanding laser environments.

    Ultrafast laser mirrors are designed to reflect ultrafast laser pulses, which are extremely short bursts of light used in applications requiring high precision, such as time-resolved spectroscopy, micromachining, and medical surgery. These mirrors are engineered to handle the broad bandwidth and high intensity of ultrafast pulses while minimising dispersion, which can distort the pulse. Special coatings are applied to these mirrors to ensure they reflect the desired wavelength range efficiently while withstanding the high peak powers of ultrafast lasers.

    Laser beam splitters are optical devices that divide a laser beam into two or more separate beams. They function by using a partially reflective surface to transmit a portion of the beam while reflecting the rest. Beam splitters are crucial in applications requiring beam manipulation, such as interferometry, holography, and optical testing. By adjusting the coating and geometry of the beam splitter, it’s possible to control the ratio of splitting to suit specific requirements, allowing for precise control over the laser beams in an optical system.

    The price of laser optics is influenced by several factors, including the type of optic, the material, the precision of the manufacturing process, and any special coatings. High-power laser optics and those with specialised coatings like ion beam sputtering coatings typically cost more due to their enhanced performance and durability. When selecting laser optics, consider the laser’s wavelength, power, and the application’s specific requirements. Consult with suppliers or experts to find optics that offer the best balance of performance and cost for your particular needs.

    A laser optics kit is a collection of optical components designed for use in laser experiments, education, or prototype development. These kits typically include a variety of basic laser optics such as lenses, mirrors, beam splitters, and polarizers, along with mounting hardware. They provide a convenient and cost-effective way for researchers, students, and hobbyists to explore the properties of laser light and optical systems. High-quality kits may also include alignment tools and detailed instructions to facilitate setup and experimentation.

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