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Knight Optical’s custom silicon windows are available in diameters from 5mm to 300mm and thicknesses up to 50mm. Designed for versatility, they can be polished to ¼ wave and coated to enhance their optical properties.

Silicon, a pivotal material in optical applications, is renowned for its robustness and clarity in the NIR to mid-infrared wavebands. Knight Optical offers high-quality silicon windows, tailored for precision applications in various industries. Our silicon window transmission rates are optimized for the 3 to 5µm (MWIR) range, making them ideal for advanced optical systems.

Our silicon optics are crafted from monocrystalline silicon, ensuring superior quality and performance. The optical silicon we use is carefully selected and processed to meet stringent standards, providing exceptional transmission rates. This makes our silicon optical windows not only efficient but also reliable for a wide range of applications.

Explore our available stock for a variety of silicon windows, available with or without antireflective coatings, tailored for the 3-5µm waveband. Our dedicated team is ready to assist with your specific requirements, ensuring that your optical components are exactly what you need for your project.

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    Metrology Lab and Quality Assurance

    Knight Optical is committed to delivering top-tier silicon windows, each rigorously tested by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab. Our metrology testing guarantees that every silicon window meets the highest standards of quality and performance. Contact our expert team today and discover how our sapphire windows can enhance your optical applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Silicon windows are primarily used in infrared applications due to their excellent infrared transmission properties. They are ideal for thermal imaging, spectrometry, and laser systems where durable and heat-resistant windows are required.

    Silicon windows offer superior transmission in the infrared spectrum, making them more suitable for applications that require deep IR range visibility compared to other optical materials.

    Monocrystalline silicon windows provide high thermal stability and durability, which is beneficial for high-precision optical systems requiring long-term performance without degradation.

    Yes, silicon optics are especially effective in the mid to far-infrared spectrum, making them versatile for a range of optical applications.

    When choosing a silicon optical window, consider its transmission range, durability, and how it fits with the intended infrared application requirements.

    The cost of silicon windows can vary but they are generally cost-effective for infrared applications due to their exceptional performance and durability in harsh conditions.

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    With our in-house state-of-the-art metrology laboratory you can be confident that your optical components will meet your requirements. You can find out more about our testing facilities here.

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