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Custom Z-Cut Quartz Windows

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Knight Optical is a provider of high-precision optical components, including a wide range of quartz windows. Our z-cut quartz windows are expertly created to meet the specific demands of our customers, ranging in size from 5mm to 150mm dia with a thickness of up to 50mm.

Our custom quartz crystal windows are manufactured with precision, ensuring a form error of ¼ waves and a parallel tolerance of better than 5 arc minutes. These quartz optical windows are designed for superior performance, offering clarity and quartz window transmission capabilities. For applications requiring the highest quality imaging, we offer quartz crystal windows with a scratch dig better than 20-10. Whether you need fused quartz windows uncoated, antireflective coated, or DLC/AR coated, our products will meet your specific application needs.

In addition to quartz windows, Knight Optical offers a variety of quartz crystal window components, including retarders, wave-plates in the 1 to 3.5µm waveband, quartz crystal prisms, lenses, and ground blanks. Our expertise in z-cut quartz ensures that each product delivers performance and quality.

For those interested in window quartz price and availability, our “available stock” tab at the bottom of this page features a selection of z-cut quartz windows in various diameters and thicknesses to accommodate most applications. Whether you’re looking for z-cut quartz windows in smaller sizes or with custom apertures, we can machine our stock windows on short notice to meet your exact specifications.

At Knight Optical, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality quartz optical windows, specifically for your unique requirements. Please feel free to enquire about our products and how we can assist with your optical needs.

z-cut quartz-window

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Z-cut quartz windows are optical components cut parallel to the optical axis of the crystal, specifically along the Z-axis. This orientation affects the window’s optical properties, particularly regarding how it handles polarized light compared to windows cut along other crystallographic directions. Unlike other quartz windows, Z-cut windows are specifically used in applications requiring specific polarization properties, such as in optical isolators, sensors, and certain types of lasers.

    The primary applications of Z-cut quartz windows in optical systems include serving as protective barriers that maintain precise polarization characteristics, being used in electro-optical applications where the direction of the crystal’s axis is critical, and in scientific research where control over light’s polarization state is necessary. They are ideal for use in laser technology, telecommunications, and precision instrumentation where polarization must be maintained or controlled.

    The transmission of quartz windows, including Z-cut types, varies with wavelength but generally offers excellent transmission from the ultraviolet through to the near-infrared spectrum. Z-cut quartz windows maintain high transparency, especially in the UV to IR range, with minimal absorption. The precise transmission rates can depend on the thickness of the window and any coatings applied, but they are typically chosen for applications because of their broad transmission band and ability to preserve the polarization of transmitted light.

    When selecting a Z-cut quartz window for an optical system, consider factors such as the required size and thickness, the specific wavelength range for your application, and the window’s optical orientation (ensuring it is a Z-cut for polarization-sensitive applications). Additionally, evaluate any required coatings for anti-reflective properties or other functionalities, and ensure the material’s purity and crystalline quality meet your system’s requirements.

    Fused quartz and crystalline Z-cut quartz windows both offer excellent UV to IR transmission, but they differ in their optical properties. Fused quartz is amorphous, meaning it lacks the crystalline structure and associated birefringence of crystalline quartz, making it suitable for applications not requiring polarization control. In contrast, Z-cut crystalline quartz maintains specific polarization properties due to its crystalline structure, making it essential for applications requiring precise control of polarized light.

    High-quality Z-cut quartz windows can be sourced from specialized optical component suppliers like Knight Optical. They provide a range of quartz windows, including custom Z-cut options tailored to specific application needs. Pricing for Z-cut quartz windows can vary based on size, thickness, purity, and any additional coatings or customizations required. Knight Optical offers competitive pricing and expert advice to ensure you receive the best optical component for your budget and technical requirements.

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    AR coatings

    Antireflective (AR) coatings, including broadband coatings, to optimise the transmission at certain wavelengths or across a range.

    DLC/AR coatings

    We offer DLC/AR coatings to meet your specific application requirements.

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