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Quartz (SiO2) is a birefringent material commonly used in the manufacture of polarizers (such as wave plates) and windows. The material’s birefringent properties mean it has two refractive indices and incident light splits into ordinary and extraordinary rays. The z-cut is used so that the optic axis of the crystal is perpendicular to the flat surfaces causing the ordinary and extraordinary rays to follow the same path through the crystal and maintain the polarization of the beam.

Quartz cuts and polishes well and is insoluble in water. It transmits highly at 90% in the 0.18-3.5μm range making it appropriate for use in the IR and VIS spectrum. Additionally, the material transmits well above 50µm in the commonly termed Terahertz region. This electro-magnetic radiation is used in airport scanners where it is possible to scan underneath their clothes to prevent weapons being taken on-board the aircraft.

Quartz is typically used as windows, retarders, and wave-plates in the 1 to 3.5µm waveband. Quartz's optical properties make it suitable for this application. Quartz can be used in the waveband above 50µm for terahertz blackbody emission.

Listed below are a range of quality stock z-cut quartz windows in a range of diameters and thicknesses to meet most applications. If you require z-cut quartz windows to a smaller size or a custom aperture we are able to machine our stock windows at short notice. See the ‘docs and drgs’ tab for further information on left and right handed crystal quartz material, or contact our technical sales team directly.

Diameter Tolerance:
Dimensional Tolerance:
Surface Quality:
Z-Cut Quartz
<40-20 scratch/dig

Edging stock to smaller diameters. Also square and rectangular apertures.
Mounting options.
AR coatings

31 Items

Name Type Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Coating Material Price Buy
WQZ1002 Right handed 10 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ1202 Right handed 12 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ1302 Right handed 13 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ15002 Left handed 15 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ1502 Right handed 15 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2005 Right handed 20 0.5 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ20001 Left handed 20 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2001 Right handed 20 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2002 Right handed 20 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ25001 Left handed 25 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2501 Right handed 25 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ25002 Left handed 25 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2502 Right handed 25 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2525 Right handed 25 2.5 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2526 Right handed 25 2.6 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ2601 Right handed 26 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ3203 Right handed 32 3 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ35001 Left handed 35 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ3501 Right handed 35 1 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ3515 Right handed 35 1.5 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ35002 Left handed 35 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ3502 Right handed 35 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ40002 Left handed 40 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ4002 Right handed 40 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ4202 Right handed 42 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ50002 Left handed 50 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ50003 Left handed 50 3 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ50005 Left handed 50 5 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ5008 Right handed 50.8 5 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ6002 Right handed 60 2 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)
WQZ8003 Right handed 80 3 Uncoated Quartz (Z-Cut)

31 Items


Quartz Windows (z-cut)

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