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Knight Optical offers an extensive selection of bar gratings, expertly constructed from glass substrates with a precise chromium pattern of evenly spaced bars and gaps.

Bar gratings are indispensable in optical testing and metrology, notably in ronchi testing, where they work alongside a diffuser and light source to assess the quality of optics.

Our inventory includes 50mm square bar gratings with rulings that cover the entire area, customisable to fit specific requirements. In addition to custom bar gratings, we provide tailored reticle solutions, a variety of custom microstructures, calibration charts, and resolution charts to suit diverse applications.

The manufacturing processes we employ, such as vacuum metal deposition, etching, electroforming, and photographic techniques, ensure the highest quality and performance of our optical gratings. Bar gratings can further benefit from anti-reflective coatings for enhanced efficiency. We apply these processes to a wide range of materials, including plastic, glass, IR crystals, UV materials like calcium fluoride and UV grade fused silica, ceramics, and metal foils. Our custom bar grating solutions cater to both singular and large production needs, with competitive pricing on master generation tooling, making custom designs economically feasible.

Knight Optical is dedicated to delivering custom optical gratings of unparalleled quality, tailored to your precise specifications. Each component undergoes rigorous inspection by our highly skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab, using the Starrett AV300 non-contact dimensional imaging device. This ensures that every bar grating meets our stringent quality standards.

Whether you’re in the market for bar gratings, looking for optical gratings for a grating spectrometer or grating spectroscope, or interested in finding out optical bar gratings prices or optical bar gratings for sale, Knight Optical has the expertise and inventory to meet your needs.

Glass Substrate Bar Grating

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bar gratings, also known as optical gratings, are devices consisting of a series of parallel lines or slits that diffract light into various components. In optical applications, they are used to separate light into its different wavelengths, making them essential for spectrometers and spectroscopes, where analyzing the spectrum of light sources is required. They are particularly valuable in scientific research, material analysis, and quality control processes.

    Glass bar gratings are made from glass substrates on which the grating lines are etched or printed, offering high precision and uniformity in diffracting light. Unlike metal or plastic gratings, glass bar gratings provide superior thermal stability and resistance to wear, making them ideal for high-accuracy optical instruments like grating spectrometers and spectroscopes. Their transparency and durability also make them suitable for a wide range of wavelengths.

    Yes, custom bar gratings can be ordered to meet specific requirements of various optical applications. Manufacturers offer customization options such as the grating’s line density (number of lines per unit area), dimensions, and substrate material to optimize performance for particular tasks, such as enhancing the resolution of a grating spectrometer or tailoring the diffraction efficiency for certain wavelengths.

    Optical bar gratings play a crucial role in the performance of grating spectrometers. The grating’s line density and quality determine the spectrometer’s resolution and its ability to accurately separate and measure different wavelengths of light. High-quality bar gratings allow for more precise and detailed spectral analysis, essential for applications in chemistry, physics, and materials science.

    Optical bar gratings are available from various scientific equipment suppliers and specialty optics manufacturers. When purchasing, consider the grating’s specifications like line density, size, and material to match your application’s needs. Comparing optical bar gratings prices and quality from different suppliers, and considering factors such as durability, wavelength range, and diffraction efficiency, will help you find the best option for your spectrometer or spectroscope.

    Recent advancements in the design and production of optical gratings include the development of holographic and laser-etched gratings, which offer improved precision and efficiency over traditional mechanical ruling methods. These technologies allow for the creation of gratings with complex patterns and high line densities, enhancing their performance in diffraction and minimizing unwanted anomalies. Additionally, advancements in materials science have led to the use of durable, high-clarity substrates that improve the longevity and versatility of optical gratings in various applications.

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