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Knight Optical offers a bespoke range of UV filters, including UV lens filters and UV IR cut filters, perfectly tailored for ultraviolet applications.

Our custom UV grade optical filters are designed to meet the diverse needs of UV wavelength management, ensuring only the desired spectral content of a light beam is used. Our lineup includes:

  • Custom UV optical bandpass filters, optimised for UV wavelengths to selectively pass certain wavelengths while blocking unwanted shorter and longer wavelengths from 214nm to 400nm. Ideal for a variety of UV applications, these filters are crucial in achieving precise spectral control.
  • Custom UV interference bandpass filters deliver exceptional performance by transmitting light of a specific narrow bandwidth/wavelength and blocking all other light. While our standard stock includes mounted options, we also provide custom unmounted types with aerospace-painted edges, ranging from 3-7 cavity designs. Custom filters can feature metal-based blockers from 200nm to far IR (3000+nm) at OD4, with options for dielectric blocking to extend lifespan significantly.
  • Custom UV colourglass bandpass filters consist of polished special glass sheets, infused with dye to ensure uniform spectral transmission across the entire surface. Although traditionally limited to 165x165mm ground plates due to manufacturing constraints, we now offer larger custom sizes up to 300mm square, thanks to alternative manufacturers.
  • Custom UV grade metallic neutral density filters are crafted by applying a thin metallic coating onto a UV grade fused silica polished window. With UV grade fused silica’s efficient performance at 175nm, it serves as an excellent substrate for these ND filters, available in sizes up to 250-300mm square without restrictions.

Every UV filter we supply is rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art metrology lab using our Agilent Cary 5000 spectrophotometers, equipped with UMA and DRA devices for operation from 175nm to 3300nm. Additionally, our Agilent 660 FTIR spectrophotometer is used for materials testing between 3.5µm and 45µm. This ensures that all components meet Knight Optical’s stringent quality standards.

Whether you’re looking for an 82mm UV filter, PolarPro UV filter, Freewell UV filters, NiSi UV filter, Hoya UV filter, DJI Mini 3 Pro UV filter, K&F Concept UV filter ultra slim, Canon UV filter, or an Urth UV filter, Knight Optical can accommodate your specific requirements with high-quality custom solutions.

Bespoke UV Filters

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A UV filter is a transparent lens filter that blocks ultraviolet (UV) light from reaching the camera’s sensor or film. Its primary use is to protect the lens from scratches, dirt, and moisture without affecting the visible light entering the camera. Additionally, it can help reduce haze and improve clarity in photographs taken at high altitudes or in conditions with significant UV light.

    A UV pass filter allows ultraviolet light to pass through while blocking most visible and infrared light, making it useful for UV photography or scientific applications that require capturing images based on UV light. In contrast, a UV IR cut filter blocks both ultraviolet and infrared light, ensuring that only visible light reaches the camera’s sensor. This is crucial for achieving accurate colors and preventing the blurring effect caused by IR light in digital photography.

    The “best” UV lens filter often depends on your specific needs, including lens size, desired image quality, and budget. High-quality filters from reputable brands like Hoya, B+W, and Urth are generally considered excellent choices. They offer strong protection against physical damage and UV light while maintaining high image clarity and minimal color distortion.

    While a UV filter’s primary role is lens protection, it can improve photo quality in certain situations by reducing atmospheric haze, which is prevalent in mountainous or coastal areas. However, with modern digital cameras having built-in UV protection, the filter’s impact on image quality is more subtle compared to its protective benefits.

    For drones like the DJI Mini 3 Pro, using a lightweight and high-quality UV filter is crucial to avoid affecting the drone’s balance and flight performance. Specialized drone UV filters, such as those designed by DJI or third-party manufacturers like K&F Concept with their ultra-slim designs, are recommended. These filters provide protection and clarity without adding significant weight or bulk.

    Choosing the right UV filter for your Canon camera involves matching the filter size to your lens’s diameter (commonly found on the lens or in its manual) and considering the filter’s quality. Look for filters that offer multi-coating to reduce reflections and ensure high light transmission. Brands like Canon, Hoya, B+W, and Urth offer high-quality UV filters in various sizes. Additionally, consider the filter’s frame thickness, especially if you’re using wide-angle lenses, to avoid vignetting.

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