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Custom IR Cut Filters

CMOS & CCD IR cut filters

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Knight Optical provides top-notch stock and custom-made infrared bandpass filters alongside IR cut filters for CMOS & CCD imagers within colour HD cameras, that excel in transmitting the visible range while effectively blocking any undesirable UV and NIR light.

Our infrared blocking filters showcase sharp transitions between the transmission and reflection bands, delivering unparalleled performance.

As one of the only optical component suppliers to offer a 20-10 scratch/dig specifications for IR cut-off filters, Knight Optical’s filters allow your CMOS or CCD imager to benefit from a blotch-free image, delivering uncompromised quality for 4K applications. Due to the filter’s ability to transmit visible wavelengths at 90% whilst reflecting unwanted near-infrared light away from the detector (therefore, eradicating inaccurate colouration), Knight Optical’s filters are frequently deployed within camera systems. 

At present, Knight Optical offers precision IR cut filters and infrared blocking filters that come equipped with an AR coating on the rear surface. This feature minimises undesired reflections and enhances transmission. These IR cut filters are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 5mm to 50mm in diameter, or 5x5mm to 50x50mm squares, all as a 1.1mm thick standard option. 

Generally, we use borosilicate (or equivalent) glass in our IR cut filters, prized for its chemical resistance and minimal thermal expansion. From IR pass filters to infrared blocking filters through to infrared bandpass filters, our assortment is meticulously crafted to satisfy the highest optical standards.

CMOS & CCD IR cut filters

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    Technical Properties of IR Cut Filters and Infrared Bandpass Filters

    Knight Optical excels in offering custom IR cut filters and infrared bandpass filters, either with varying dimensions based on our standard 1.1mm thick material or as fully bespoke solutions that include AR coating and surface quality. Our typical IR cut filters boast a transmission rate of > 94% between 420-620nm and band blocking of < 2% between 700-1000nm.

    Graph to depict the optical properties of IR Cut Filters, 400FIP

    IR-Cut Filter Transmission

    Frequently Asked Questions

    IR-Cut Filters are optical filters that are designed to block infrared light from entering a system, whilst transmitting visible light. As well as blocking infrared light, UV IR cut filters can also block ultraviolet light. Their primary function is to enhance the colour accuracy of imaging systems, such as cameras and sensors, by preventing unwanted near-infrared (NIR) light from entering the system and reaching the detector.

    An IR-Cut Filter blocks infrared (IR) light from entering a system, whilst an IR pass filter will transmit infrared light, even if it is just a portion of light. 

    The main purpose of a UV/IR-Cut Filter is to block unwanted near-infrared light from entering a system, primarily cameras and sensors. This improves the colour accuracy, as well as the contrast, within the imaging system and is especially useful in CMOS/CCD sensors which are more sensitive to NIR light in the daytime. 

    By utilising a UV/IR-Cut Filter in a system, the colour accuracy can be improved and colour shifting can be prevented, which is often an issue presented in imaging systems where the light source emits both visible and infrared light, such as natural daylight. This is why surveillance cameras and digital cameras often have an integrated IR blocking filter. 

    This is dependent on the optical system that the IR-Cut Filter is being integrated into. These filters will be placed into the beam path, either directly, or using other optical components such as prisms to steer the beam onto the filter.

    IR-cut filters are predominately used in cameras utilising CMOS/CCD sensors which are more sensitive than the human eye to NIR light. By using an IR-cut filter, especially in the daytime, these NIR wavelengths are blocked from entering the system and therefore improve the colour accuracy of the image. These filters are used in camera systems such as:

    • ANPR cameras
    • CCTV smart surveillance.

    Hot Mirrors

    Knight Optical also supplies hot mirrors with an extended transmission band to 710nm rather than 620nm. These filters will reflect unwanted heat away from the system.

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