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Custom Meniscus Lenses

Spherical Meniscus Lenses

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Knight Optical’s meniscus lenses stand as the epitome of high-quality, custom-made optics. With one concave and one convex surface, meniscus lenses are ingeniously designed to reduce spherical aberrations at specific laser wavelengths.

This unique feature makes meniscus lenses exceptionally effective in laser beam management, catering to a wide spectrum of wavelength-specific applications.

Our collection includes the concave meniscus lens and convex meniscus lens, each tailored to enhance performance in laser applications. The positive meniscus lens, part of our bespoke range, is crafted from high-index materials and adorned with anti-reflective (AR) coatings to boost performance, while our N-BK7 or equivalent meniscus lenses are perfect for visible and NIR (Near-Infrared) applications. We also offer ZnSe meniscus lenses, known for their high precision and suitability in IR applications.

Beyond laser-grade options, our portfolio extends to general-purpose meniscus lenses, using ophthalmic lens blanks for cost-effective solutions. These lenses come in a broad selection of powers, including both positive and negative configurations, and are ideal for a variety of meniscus lens uses. For those looking for convenience in experimental and design projects, our custom meniscus lens sets offer a versatile solution.

Whether you require meniscus lens glasses for optical clarity or a meniscus lens for precise laser application, our capability to customise meniscus lenses in alternative materials or provide edged stock lenses for swift delivery ensures we meet your specific needs.

Spherical Meniscus Lenses

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    Metrology Testing and Quality Assurance

    Every meniscus lens we offer undergoes rigorous testing by our skilled technicians in our state-of-the-art metrology lab, affirming our commitment to delivering components that meet the highest standards of quality.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A meniscus lens is a type of optical lens with one surface curved inward and the other curved outward, resembling the shape of a meniscus. These lenses can be either concave (curved inward) or convex (curved outward) meniscus, depending on the relative curvatures of their surfaces. Meniscus lenses are used to minimise spherical aberration and improve image quality in optical systems, making them valuable in applications like photography, eyewear, and laser optics.

    Concave meniscus lenses have an outer surface that is more curved than the inner surface, causing light rays to diverge. They are often used to correct short-sightedness in glasses. Conversely, convex meniscus lenses feature an inner surface that is more curved than the outer surface, focusing light rays and commonly used to correct long-sightedness. The choice between concave and convex depends on the specific needs of the optical system, such as whether light rays need to be spread out or focused.

    Positive meniscus lenses are a type of convex meniscus lens designed to converge light, making them useful in applications requiring light to be focused, such as in optical instruments, cameras, and eyeglasses for long-sightedness. The positive designation indicates that these lenses have a net positive focal length, contributing to their focusing ability.

    Meniscus lenses are widely used in everyday items, including eyeglasses, where they correct vision by focusing light correctly onto the retina, and in cameras, to enhance image quality by reducing spherical aberration. They are also found in projectors and binoculars to improve image clarity and focus.

    ZnSe (Zinc Selenide) meniscus lenses are especially suited for laser applications due to ZnSe’s high transmissivity in the infrared spectrum and its ability to withstand high-power laser beams without degrading. These properties make ZnSe meniscus lenses ideal for CO2 laser systems used in cutting, engraving, and medical applications, where precise focus and minimal optical loss are crucial.

    Choosing the right meniscus lens involves considering several factors, including the lens material, which should match the wavelength of light used in your application; the type of meniscus lens (concave or convex) needed based on whether you need to converge or diverge light; and the lens’s focal length, which affects how strongly it can focus or spread light. Consulting with optical specialists like us at Knight Optical can help you select a meniscus lens that optimises performance for your specific requirements, taking into account factors such as lens size, material compatibility, and optical properties. Get in touch for advice today.

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    Antireflective (AR)

    Adding an antireflective coating to your meniscus lens can boost performance.

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    With our in-house state-of-the-art metrology laboratory you can be confident that your optical components will meet your requirements. You can find out more about our testing facilities here.

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