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Custom Condenser Lenses

Plano-convex Condenser Lenses

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Knight Optical offers an extensive selection of custom condenser lenses, available in various sizes and materials to meet your specific requirements. Our condenser lenses are predominantly plano-convex, designed to focus light into a concentrated beam, making them essential for applications requiring high-power illumination.

Our condenser lens microscope range includes fire-polished grades to large-diameter plano-convex types, from 114mm to 250mm in diameter, all customisable to specific dimensions or augmented with anti-reflective (AR) coatings to enhance performance efficiency.

The preferred materials for our custom condenser lenses include B270 or equivalent, and Borofloat or its equivalents, known for their exceptional thermal expansion properties, making them ideal for use in high-powered light sources.

Plano-convex Condenser Lenses

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A condenser lens is an optical component designed to focus or condense light onto a specific area, commonly used in microscopes to illuminate the specimen with bright, uniform light. Its main function is to gather light from the microscope’s light source and direct it through the sample, enhancing the visibility and contrast of the observed object.

    A condenser lens significantly improves microscopy observations by concentrating light and making the illumination of the specimen more uniform and intense. This increased brightness and uniformity allow for clearer, more detailed images of the specimen, essential for accurate analysis and study in both educational and professional laboratory settings.

    In a compound microscope, the condenser lens is crucial for optimising illumination and enhancing the image quality of the specimen under observation. It sits below the stage and works to focus the light that passes through the specimen, which is particularly important for achieving high resolution and contrast in the resulting image.

    Yes, there are several types of condenser lenses for microscopes, each designed for specific applications and types of microscopy. For example, Abbe condensers are common for basic light microscopy, while achromatic and apochromatic condensers are used for more demanding applications requiring higher resolution and minimal optical aberration.

    Choosing the right condenser lens for your microscope depends on the type of microscopy you plan to perform and the level of detail you need. Consider the numerical aperture of the condenser, which should match or exceed that of the objective lenses used, and the type of illumination (e.g., brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast) required for your specimens. Consulting with experts like us at Knight Optical can also help in selecting a condenser lens that meets your specific needs. Get in touch for advice today.

    The price of a condenser lens is influenced by several factors, including the material used, the optical quality, the complexity of the lens design (e.g., achromatic, apochromatic), and the manufacturer. High-quality condenser lenses designed for specific, advanced microscopy techniques tend to be more expensive but are essential for achieving the best possible observation results. Here a Knight Optical, we offer a range of condenser lenses catering to various budgets and applications, ensuring you find the right option for your requirements.

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    Antireflective (AR)

    Adding an antireflective coating to your condenser lens can enhance performance efficiency.

    Typical Applications

    Light Pipe Homogenizing Rods for Illumination systems


    Condenser Lenses for Projectors


    Aspherical Lenses for Microscopy


    Condenser Lenses for Car Headlights

    Car Headlights

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    Discover the impact of high-quality condenser lenses on your projects by contacting Knight Optical’s knowledgeable, multilingual technical sales team. Whether you’re seeking an upgrade for your condenser lens compound microscope or need a condenser lens for any other application, learn how our products can improve your optical requirements. With competitive condenser lens prices and excellent service, take a look at the use of condenser lenses across various applications and see how they can improve your project’s lighting and optical needs.

    With our in-house state-of-the-art metrology laboratory you can be confident that your optical components will meet your requirements. You can find out more about our testing facilities here.

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