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Optical Components and the Rise of the Robots

Whilst the term artificial intelligence (AI) may conjure images of futuristic utopia and modern-day visionary technologies; the concept has actually been a societal forethought for longer than we think.

Optical Technology: Autonomous Vehicles in the Fast Lane

Automobile manufacturers of self-driving cars are racing to the finish line to make the preponderance of vehicles on our roads autonomous, and it’s not only cars that are seeking driverless technologies.

Monitoring Brexit Outcomes for our customers

With a global operation spanning 30 years and with facilities in the UK and USA, Knight Optical is well-informed of the requirements sought by the international trade market..

Where is the Telecommunications Industry Headed?

Across the world, we have an insatiable appetite for new technologies. We are always on the go; continually developing, researching and pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to digitalisation.

How Are Optical Components Used in the Railway Sector?

In December 2018, the UK Government published its ‘Rail Sector Deal’ as part of its ‘Industrial Strategy’. The deal aims to improve the use of the UK’s network capacity…

What are Optical Payloads?

Air-to-ground (ATG) and space-to-ground communications are continually evolving, and with technological developments entering the marketplace at an advanced rate…

The Impact of Optics in the Renewable Energy Market

There is no doubting that the renewable energy sector is experiencing significant growth on a global scale. With continued investment in solar energy and an expanding offshore wind sector…

How are Emissions Tested Through the use of Optical Components?

The monitoring of the gases produced by combustion is an absolutely crucial process that lives literally depend upon. Whether in an industrial setting; to comply with air emission standards…

How is Energy Created from Wind Turbines, and how are Optical Components Involved?

In September 2018, it was announced that the UK’s wind generation capacity had surpassed 20 Gigawatts for the first time, equating to enough energy to meet the annual power needs of over 14 million homes.

The Value of Condenser Lenses in Projection Systems

Condenser lenses play a valuable role in the function of a range of imaging devices and this includes slide projectors…