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UV fused silica windows

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Knight Optical's stock range of UV fused silica windows are made from Corning 7980 grade 2G or equivilent of Spectrosil B. UV grade fused silica windows have excellent UV transmission working efficiently at 175nm. Making them ideal for spectroscopic instruments in the UV.

These UV fused silica windows also have excellent chemical stability, can be used up to 1050°C and are virtually free from fluorescence. Our stock windows are flat and parallel with good quality surfaces making them ideal for demanding scientific instrument applications. Stock windows can be edged down or re-shaped for custom fused silica parts at short notice and we can offer them both uncoated or with AR coating for 248nm-400nm.

Material: UV fused silica (Spectrosil 2000 or equivalent)
Diameter: +0.0/-0.20 mm
Length / width: +0.0/-0.20 mm
Thickness: ±0.1 mm
 50mm < 1/2 waves (over 90% CA)
> 50mm < 2 waves (over 90% CA)
Surface Quality: <40-20 scratch/dig
Parallelism < 1 arc minute

UV fused silica windows with suffix "AU1" are coated both faces with:
Multi-layer, anti-reflective coating < 0.5% @ 248 - 400nm

Typical processes that we can offer for UV fused silica windows are as follows:

  • Stock UV fused silica windows can be edged to smaller diameters.
  • CNC shaping of UV fused silica windows to unusual shapes and designs.
  • Stock UV fused silica windows can be cut to custom square and rectangular apertures.
  • Water jet cutting to special shapes and sizes.
  • Special AR coatings and hot mirror coatings onto UV fused silica substrates.
  • Sandblasting of special patterns.
  • Screen printing.
  • Edge polishing.
  • Mounting options.
  • UV fused silica glass to metal seals for gas cells.

UV fused silica windows with suffix "AU1" are coated both faces with:
Multi-layer, anti-reflective coating < 0.5% @ 248 - 400nm

Coating - Hydrophobic & Oleophobic

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Part No. MaterialCoatingCoated SidesDiameter
WHF1000 UVFSUncoated102 £19.45
WHF1000-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides102 £39.45
WHF1500 UVFSUncoated153 £24.95
WHF1500-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides153 £44.95
WHF2500 UVFSUncoated253 £36.45
WHF2500-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides253 £56.45
WHF2511 UVFSUncoated252 £32.95
WHF4000 UVFSUncoated403 £52.45
WHF4000-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides403 £75.45
WHF4011 UVFSUncoated402 £48.95
WHF5000 UVFSUncoated504 £72.45
WHF5000-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides504 £97.45
WHF5051 UVFSUncoated50502 £64.45
WHF6500-AU1 UVFSAR coated (248-400nm)Both sides656 £119.45
WHF5053 UVFSUncoated50502.5 £67.45
WHF7500 UVFSUncoated756 £97.50
WHF1410 UVFSUncoated101 £17.45

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