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Quartz material is stronger than glass, can be used at temperatures up to 1050°C and has a high average transmission of over 80% from 260nm to 2500nm. Quartz windows are useful for most UV applications other than fluorescence applications as quartz windows fluoresce. Quartz windows are also not useful in wavelength applications less than 250nm where transmission drops to just 72%. For deep UV at 175-185nm UV fused silica is a more suitable choice of material. Our stock quartz windows can also be antireflective coated to increase transmission performance.

We offer a range of standard fused quartz windows (JGS2) direct from stock, Quartz is also available in large 1000x1000mm sheets so large custom quartz windows to any shape or size can be produced. Please contact our technical sales team for more information about your custom requirements.

≤ 50mm
> 50mm
Surface Quality:
Fused Quartz (JGS2)
+0/-0.20 mm
+0/-0.20 mm
±0.1 mm

<1/2 waves (over 90% CA)
<2 waves (over 90% CA)
<40-20 scratch/dig
<1 arc minute

Typical processes that we can offer for quartz windows are as follows:

Stock sheets can be edged to custom diameters.
CNC shaping of quartz to unusual shapes and designs.
Stock quartz sheets can be cut to custom square and rectangular apertures.
Water jet cutting to special shapes and sizes.
Special AR coatings and hot mirror coatings onto quartz substrates.
Sandblasting of special patterns.
Screen printing.
Edge polishing.
Mounting options.
Quartz glass to metal seals for gas cells.

4 Items

Name Material Coating Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Price Buy
WHQ1500 Quartz (JGS2) Uncoated 15 3
WHQ1600 Quartz (JGS2) Uncoated 16 1.5
WHQ2500 Quartz (JGS2) Uncoated 25 3
WHQ4000 Quartz (JGS2) Uncoated 40 3

4 Items


Fused Quartz (JGS2) Windows

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