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Colour glass shortpass filters

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Colour Glass Filters are polished sheets of special glass that have been cast with a dye. Colour Glass Filters generally are relatively cheap and very stable. The disadvantage with them is that they are only available in a relatively small number of variants, and so can be restrictive in shortwave selection. 

Colour Glass filters are useful for selective wavelength absorption and therefor achieve high out of band blocking.  Colour glass type Shortpass filters have very low transmission in long wavelengths and high transmission in the short wavelengths.

The Short-pass range of color glass filters listed here has uniform spectral transmission properties over their entire aperture. A wide range of shortpass Colour Glass shortpass filters are available as 50x50mm and 25mm diameter filters and listed below. We also supply customer colour glass filters in shapes and sizes to fir individual customer's requirements. For more information about our customer filters please contact our technical sales team.

Material: Colour glass
Diameter: +0.0 / -0.20 mm
Length / width: ± 0.20 mm
Thickness: >± 0.20 mm
Surface quality: <60-40 scratch/dig
Parallelism: <3 arcmin

Wavelength cut-off listed in table is transition cut-on wavelength (T=Tmax/2)
Wavelength cut-on listed in table is transition cut-off wavelength (T=Tmax/2) 

  • Mounting of diameters and squares.
  • Antireflective coatings can be applied to one or both faces for improved transmission.
  • Cutting down or edged to special shapes and sizes at short notice.
  • Larger sheets available for larger custom sizes.
  • Available in sets, supplied in a wooden storage box for research and laboratory use.

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Part No. Wavelength cut-off (nm)Wavelength cut-on (nm)Equivilent materialColourDiameter
464FCS2500 Download 465720BG3Deep blue- UV transmitting251 £16.50
465FCS2500 Download 465720BG3Deep blue- UV transmitting253 £16.50
465FCS5050 Download 465720BG3Deep blue- UV transmitting50503 £32.90
538FCS2500 Download 538735Hoya B-410Bright blue- UV transmitting253 £23.50
538FCS5050 Download 538735Hoya B-410Bright blue- UV transmitting50503 £52.50
575FCS2500 Download 5751880BG39Bright blue- strongly absorbs red/NIR253 £16.50
575FCS5050 Download 5751880BG39Bright blue- strongly absorbs red/NIR50503 £32.90
611FCS2500 Download 6101770BG38Pale blue- absorbs red/NIR253 £16.50
611FCS5050 Download 6101770BG38Pale blue- absorbs red/NIR50503 £32.90
662FCS2500 Download 6623200KG3IR absorbing-un-toughened253 £16.50
668FCS2500 Download 6683200KG5IR absorbing-un-toughened253 £16.50
668FCS5050 Download 6683200KG5IR absorbing-un-toughened50503 £32.90
716FCS2500 Download 7163200KG1IR absorbing- toughened253 £16.50
716FCS5050 Download 7163200KG1IR absorbing- toughened50503 £32.90

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