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Colour glass filters are manufactured by injecting coloured dye into a glass substrate. The dye gives the filter its colour and spectral performance. In this respect, colour glass filters are simple, stable optics and can be used in a range of applications such as cosmetic laser therapy and lighting. While colour glass filters are cheap and easily cut to custom shapes and sizes, they are limited by the colours available. For applications with operating wavelengths outside of those provided by colour glass filters customers may find our selection of alternative filters more appropriate.

Filters are supplied as longpass, shortpass or bandpass types.

Longpass filters transmit wavelengths higher than the cut-on point while blocking lower wavelengths. Shortpass filters transmit wavelengths lower than that specified in the filter’s part number, and bandpass filters offer high, uniform transmission over a specific bandwidth while blocking higher and lower wavelengths.

Our stock range of colour glass filters are available in 25mm diameter and 50mm squares. Larger sizes up to 300x300mm are available on most of our filters as a custom option. Please contact our technical sales team for more information on custom filters.


Colour Glass Filters

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