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There are two builds of beamsplitter, cube beam splitters and plate beamsplitters.  Knight Optical supply both types of beamsplitters. We offer a range of visible and NIR grade cube beam splitters, polarised and non-polarising type.  We supply plate beamsplitters in three grades.  Our high precision range and general purpose grade accurate dielectric beamsplitter coating on one face with an antireflective coating on the second face reducing ghosting.   We also offer a titanium coated economy grade.

Splitting of beams can be dependent on wavelengths, polarisation or on intensity independent of the wavelength and polarisation.

Beamsplitters separate an incident beam into a reflected and a transmitted beam, usually at a 50:50 ratio or a 25:75 ratio. Whilst cube beamsplitters offer protected splitting surfaces in a durable easily aligned component, plate beamsplitters offer larger working areas and easier dissipation of heat, as well as 0° incidence wavelength isolation.

Knight Optical’s wide range of optical beamsplitters is used in many applications from fluorescence microscopy to illumination and design, security instrumentation to interferometry. Click on the links below for more information on individual product ranges or contact us about our custom capabilites.

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